Nokia 6010 Review: Budget Phone

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The Nokia 6010 is an entry level phone that retains the classic style and orientation of most Nokia handsets. While not the most loaded phone in terms of features, it provides solid performance at a cheap price and should be enough for users in search of a moderately priced handset.

Design (3 out of 5)

Nokia 6010

The Nokia 6010 has a length of 4.7 inches, width of 2 inches and depth of 0.9 inches. It weighs 110 grams. The screen of the 6010 has a resolution of 96 x 65 pixels and is capable of displaying 4,096 colors, meaning this is not an ideal gift to phone users who are quite particular with a phone’s display resolution.

The 6010 lacks controls on both of its sides. Like in many Nokia models, the power and headphone ports are located on the bottom part of the headset. On top of the phone is a large power button made of rubber. The rear of the handset comes with a rubber patch, with a printed Nokia logo. The said patch allows for easier removal of the back cover and protects the handset from slipping. The phone can also be personalized with the various Xpress-on color covers available separately.

User Interface (3 out of 5)

The 6010 does not have the popular 4 way toggle that most of its contemporaries use. Instead, it has a 2 way scroll button placed between a couple of soft keys and the green and red control keys typical of most Nokia handsets. One of the strengths of the handset is its nicely spaced numeric keypad that makes it easy to text and dial phone numbers.

Navigation through the various menu functions is done through the numeric keypad. Nokia uses a shortcut system in accessing the various functions by putting numbers in the upper right hand corner of the menu. Thus users can quickly go to a specific function by entering the number assigned to it. For instance, pressing #3 would quickly bring the user to the Dialed Numbers function. This is a great way to save a lot of time in accessing the menu given that there are 12 menu pages in this phone.

One of the strengths of the handset is its fast T9 predictive text system that enables users to press a single button for every letter, saving them time in the process. The phone is also capable of storing words that are not previously saved in its dictionary- a true feature that should appeal to any mobile phone user.

Features (3 out of 5)

Nokia 6010

Aside from the usual text and multimedia messaging features, the 6010 comes with a calendar application that is capable of storing a maximum of 500 appointments, making it perfect for busy individuals. It also has a To-do list that can store up to 30 entries. The 6010 comes with other applications like a calculator, voice dialing, stopwatch and alarm clock. There are four games integrated in the phone- Bowling, Backgammon, Sky Diver and Air Glide, although more Nokia games can be downloaded from the Internet.

Because it is an entry level phone, the 6010 is expectedly lacking in connectivity options. It lacks Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. It does, however, have an integrated WAP 1.2.1 browser which admittedly goes to waste because of the small display of the handset. It can be very difficult to browse the Web with the small screen of the 6010. The phone has a maximum user storage of 293 KB.

The address book of the 6010 can store up to 500 contacts. Each entry can have a maximum of 5 phone numbers, with text fields for email address, URL, and street address. Speed dials can also be defined for specific contacts.

The phone’s MMS allows users to create MMS messages containing images and audio on top of the text. A preview mode is available for users to review the message before sending it.

Performance (4 out of 5)

When used for voice calls, the 6010 can hold up pretty well. Its internal antenna is strong enough to get enough signal even in supposedly dead spots. The 6010 has been calibrated to work on the 1900 and 850 Mhz GSM signals prevalent in North America. Call audio quality is OK, with enough volume and clarity on both ends.

The 6010 can last up to 9 hours of talk time, making it one of the best in terms of battery performance and longevity. The phone can also last up to 10 days when in standby.

Verdict (3 out of 5)

The 6010 is a good phone for any individual looking for a basic handset for texting and calling. It still has the familiar design and user friendly interface that Nokia has been known for through the years. The small screen is a disappointment, but not much of a surprise either. All in all, Nokia has a good entry level phone with this handset.