Samsung Galaxy S Price Comparison

Samsung Galaxy S Price Comparison
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Samsung Galaxy S Devices

Samsung began rolling out the Android-based Galaxy S devices in the middle of 2010, and so far the line of phones has been a huge success. Samsung has released one Galaxy S device for AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, U.S. Cellular, and two devices for Verizon. Since the devices are considered smartphones, the Samsung Galaxy S price is normally around $199.99 dollars and up, although occassionally the carriers can offer deals to bring that price much lower. The carriers also sell their phones through many third-party retailers like Best Buy, Wal-Mart and Radio Shack, and the prices through these retailers are often better than you can find through the manufacturer’s website. In this article we go in search of the best Samsung Galaxy S price out there. The prices and deals in this article were recorded on Nov 30, 2010, and can change at any time.

Verizon’s Continuum. Best Price: $149.99

The Samsung Continuum is the newest Galaxy S device, and it is priced as such. Verizon is offering the Continuum for $199.99 if you sign up for a two-year contract and get the $100 mail-in rebate from the website. Verizon also offers the Continuum with a 1-year contract for $269.99. In order to put the phone on your account you will need to have data service, which will cost at least $20 per month, and if you want to use the mobile hotspot feature, it will cost you another $20. Apart from the Verizon website, you can get the Continuum from Walmart for $149.99.

Verizon’s Fascinate. Best Price: $99.99


With the release of the Continuum, the Samsung Fascinate is now Verizon’s older Galaxy S phone, which means that lower prices can be found. The prices and requirements are the same for the Fascinate as they are for the Continuum on Verizon’s website, but you can currently get the phone for $99.99 through Best Buy, with a new 2-year contract.

U.S. Cellular’s Mesmerize. Best Price: $199.99 w/BOGO


U.S. Cellular just released the Mesmerize and is trying to drum up sales with a pretty amazing offer. The Samsung Mesmerize’s price is a little higher than the other carriers at $199.99, after $400 dollars of discounts and rebates, but U.S. Cellular is offering the phone as part of a buy-one-get-one-free, or BOGO, offer. The Mesmerize requires a plan that includes data, which start at $49.99.

T-Mobile’s Vibrant. Best Price: $99.99


The Samsung Vibrant is one of the original Galaxy S devices and you can get it for a good deal through several outlets. The Vibrant is offered through the T-Mobile website for $199.99 after a $250 instant discount and a $50 web discount. The discounts require that you sign up for a 2-year agreement and the phone can only be put on an account that has a data plan, which can add $30 dollars a month to your bill. To save some money visit either Best Buy or Radio Shack, where you can get the Vibrant for $99.99, with a 2-year contract.

Sprint’s Epic 4G. Best Price: $199.99

Epic 4G

The Samsung Epic 4G gives you the experience of a Galaxy S device combined with the power of the Sprint 4G data network. This power does come at a price, but nothing too unreasonable. You can get the Epic 4G from the Sprint website for $249.99 after $150 in instant savings and a $100 mail-in rebate. You will also need to have one of seven preselected plans, plus pay an additional $10 per month. If you want to use the mobile hotspot feature, you will need to pay an additional $30 per month. To save some money, head to Wal-Mart’s website where you can get the Epic 4G for $199.99, with the same contract and plan restrictions.

AT&T’s Captivate. Best Price: FREE


I saved the best Samsung Galaxy S price deal for last, with AT&T’s only Galaxy S model, the Captivate. From AT&T’s website, the Captivate is $199.99 with a 2-year contract and a new line of service. You will also need to have data service on your account, which will cost at least $15 a month. If $199.99 to too steep a price for you, Best Buy is offering the device for $99.99, but by far the best deal is from Radio Shack, where the Captivate is currently FREE when you sign up for a 2-year plan and right now they are even throwing in $30 towards your first month’s data charges.

All images except Continuum and Fascinate from the carrier’s website.

Continuum and Fascinate images from the Samsung website.