Unlimited Cell Phone Plans for Smartphones

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If you have a smartphone then you’ll need a specialized phone plan to go with the amazing capabilities of your phone whether it’s a BlackBerry, Android or iPhone. The perfect plan, of course, would be an unlimited plan where you can use all the features of your phone at any time of the day and without plan constraints. The sad fact is that while so many phone companies offer many different smartphones, the options they have for suitable cell phones plans are often too expensive. The following mobile carriers have the best unlimited cell phone plans for smartphones.

Boost Mobile (5 out of 5)

Boost Mobile provides prepaid, no contract cell phone service across the country. It is owned by Sprint and uses the Sprint nationwide network and therefore enjoys nationwide coverage. Boost Mobile has a wide variety of smartphones to choose from, unarguably one of the greatest selections provided by a prepaid phone service. Most of the phones are offered with Boost Mobile unlimited everything service for $50 a month. This includes, talk, text, messaging, data, web, email and 411 directory assistance. You also get free international texts to receive and 10 cents per text to send. If you’d like to use a BlackBerry Curve, you pay $60 a month because of the extra features of the phone such as using 10 personal email accounts. Bear in mind that these prices are all you pay, no extra charges for taxes and other fees. It is a flat rate month in and month out, all prepaid. The only downside is that you have to pay market rate for the phones as they are not discounted.

Virgin Mobile (4 out of 5)

Virgin Mobile also provides prepaid phone service eliminating the shackles of two-year contracts. The company has a smaller selection of smartphones than the two other carriers listed here, but it offers the BlackBerry Curve. Its unlimited service plan costs $60 a month and you get everything: talk, messaging, web and email. There are no extra fees, just the flat monthly rate. If you use a BlackBerry, you are charged $10 extra for a total of $70 a month.

T-Mobile (3 out of 5)

T-Mobile has the largest selection of smartphones available on the market with a comparatively unlimited plan. You can choose between being on a two-year contract or on the prepaid month to month service. With the former your phone is heavily discounted and you pay $100 a month for unlimited everything: talk, text, messaging and web. If you choose the prepaid option, you pay full price for the phone but your monthly service rate is $80 a month. While one may be tempted to get on a contract because of how cheap the phones are, bear in mind that over a 24-month period you would pay a total of $480 extra for the plan, not including taxes and other fees.