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Many adults now own smartphones and it is fast becoming the norm. Since they’re such desirable devices it’s no surprise to find that they are hugely popular among teenagers as well. It is also becoming increasingly common for younger children to own smartphones. As a family your smartphone bill could be daunting, especially if you all go with different carriers and plans. It is well worth considering a family plan so you can reduce costs, share minutes and data, and get more from your smartphones.

As well as looking at some great family plan options we will also point out a few other services that can help to keep your family connected and safe.

Sharing Minutes on Nationwide Family Cell Phone Plans

Find out exactly what your options are in the U.S. as this article compares the deals offered by the big four carriers – AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile. Learn all about shared minutes and data and discover the costs for extra lines.

Cell Phone Service Provider Comparison

Choosing your carrier is an important decision. You should make sure you consider their coverage, customer support, pricing and choice of handsets. This article provides an easy to follow comparison to help you select the right carrier for you.

Finding a New Phone Plan: What to Consider

If you’re shopping for a new plan and maybe a new phone as well then this article can help you to get your priorities straight. Consider exactly what you need and find out about the differences between various carriers and plan options.

Compare iPhone Deals Between Verizon and AT&T

If you want to kit your whole family out with Apple’s super-popular iPhone then you’ll find a good comparison of the best deals from Verizon and AT&T. Find out exactly what Verizon’s family plan for iPhones includes.

Best AT&T Family Plans for iPhone

Find details of the best family plan options for iPhone families at AT&T. There are quite a few different options available depending on how many minutes you want and how much data you expect to use each month.

The Cheapest Family Cell Phone Plans

Smartphones can be an expensive luxury and so any way to save a bit of cash is worth knowing about. Learn about the cheaper options from some of the major carriers for family plans that might suit you.

Guide to Mobile Plans with US Cellular

US Cellular is a popular carrier in some parts of the States and this guide will help you to choose a plane with them. It includes full details of their available family plans.

Cell Phone Plans for the Whole Family

This comparison of cell phone plans for families takes a close look at deals from Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile. Find out what they offer and make your choice.

Best Cell Phone Plans for Kids

Perhaps a family plan doesn’t suit you but you do want to allow your child to have a mobile phone. Well these are the best options for cell phone plans for kids that allow parents some measure of control.

Best Canadian Cell Phone Plans

This round-up of the best Canadian cell phone plans includes a great family plan offer from Rogers which supports up to five separate lines – perfect for a family.

Unlimited Data Plans with Limits?

Whatever plan you choose, if you own a smartphone then data is going to be important. Make sure you understand the limits of your data allowance or you run the risk of being charged extra.

Locating Your Loved Ones with AT&T Family Map

This great service from AT&T allows you to check on the location of another registered family member either online or on your phone. It uses GPS technology to find their exact location and includes a scheduling feature so you receive an alert if someone fails to come home when they should have or never arrives at work or school.

Using Sprint to Find Your Loved Ones

The Sprint Family Locator service can provide real peace of mind for parents. It allows you to track all registered phones using GPS to pinpoint their location. You can even use it to set up automated texts if a family member isn’t where they’re supposed to be at a certain time.

Do you know of a great family plan that’s being offered right now? Have you tried a family plan and loved or hated it? How do you deal with your family’s cell phone needs? If you have a recommendation, then please post a comment.


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