Motorola Droid X Guide - Tips and Tricks

Motorola Droid X Guide - Tips and Tricks
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Basic Features

Use this Motorola Droid X guide to navigate through some of the basic features of the phone.

  • Making and answering a call - To make a call, press the Phone icon, type the number, and press the Phone icon again. To answer a call, press the Answer key.
  • Options during a call - While taking a call, you can access several options. To use a Motorola Droid X accessory connected via Bluetooth, press the Bluetooth option. To mute the call, choose the Mute option. To use the speakerphone, press the Speaker option.
  • Ending calls and viewing recent calls - To end a call, press the End Call icon. To review the latest calls, press Phone and select Recent. From the listed numbers, you can place a call by touching the number. For other options, such as sending a text message or creating a contact, touch and hold the number. To clear the call list, press Menu and select Clear List.
  • Finding your number - To find the number to your Motorola Droid X, select Menu, open Settings, press About Phone Status, and choose My Phone Number.

Advanced Features

Use this Motorola Droid X guide to navigate through some of the advanced features.

  • Adding e-mail accounts - To add an e-mail account, press the Launcher icon and select My Accounts. Scroll down to Add Account. Select Email. Enter your e-mail account details.
  • Changing messaging settings - Select the Launcher icon to change the messaging settings. Then select Messaging, followed by Menu. There are three options. To add or remove an account, select Manage Accounts. To select which accounts deliver messages to the Universal Inbox, select Edit Universal Inbox. To set notifications for each account, select Messaging Settings.
  • Adding e-mail accounts to the Messaging Widget and Universal Inbox - Press the Launcher icon, select Messaging, open Menu, touch Manage Accounts, select Add Account, and select Email on the Setup Accounts screen. Enter e-mail account.
  • Creating a social networking widget - Press and hold a spot on the home screen. When the Add to Home Screen prompt appears, select Motorola Widgets. Scroll down the list and select Social Networking. Fill in the settings and press Done.
  • Updating Social Status - Press the Social Status widget and enter text. Use the pull-down window to limit updates to specific social networking accounts.

Tips and Tricks

Here are a few Motorola Droid X tips to help navigate through the phone quickly.

  • Press the Home icon to return to the home screen.
  • Press and hold the Home icon to view the recently used apps.
  • Press the Power/Lock key to wake or sleep the phone.
  • To turn the sound off or on, select Silent Mode after pressing and holding the Power/Lock key.
  • Press the Search icon to open the search box.
  • To turn airplane mode off or on, select Airplane Mode after pressing and holding the Power/Lock key.
  • Use the Motorola Droid X web browser to access Yahoo e-mail accounts at while in a Wi-Fi network.
  • To see notification details, swipe the status bar down.
  • Touch and hold a link in the web browser to bookmark the link.
  • To restore phone to factory settings, select Menu, open Settings, choose Privacy, then select Factory Data Reset, and choose Reset Phone. All saved data will be deleted.


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