Play with your Mind: PLX XWave Headset for iPhone

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PLX XWave Headset for iPhone: Control Apps and Games with your Mind

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The iPhone has been the guinea pig for some strange applications but you’d be hard pushed to think of anything more odd and out of this world than the PLX XWave headset and application. Some iPhone applications imitate a gaseous bodily function, while some enable users tip to their heads back, put their iPhone to their lips and drink an imaginary beer. Some iPhone applications are essentially useless, but unmistakably fun and a great conversation starter. The PLX XWave Headset and application sits on the thin line of unbelievable and innovative.

PLX XWave Technology

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Scientists has always been intrigued with the human brain and its untapped possibilities. Even within the last century, countless hours of research has been made into the human brain which has resulted in positive strides in the medical field and in human psychology. It is well known that the human brain is a complex system with hidden resources much like our unknown universe. The XWave has thus been developed to tap into our minds and harness sleeping powers to control items and emotions. Through telepathy, everyday electronics will be able to be controlled and manipulated.

The PLX XWave application is too odd to be true but its developers testify to its abilities. This new iPhone application and accessory promises to bring mind control to the mobile phone. This application comes with a headset which is said to let the user control several iPhone apps with only their brain and willpower. Although it is hard not to be skeptical, this app’s potential and possible function is priceless. For those who do not have the use of their hands, whether handicapped or mentally challenged, the PLX Xwave can allow them to surf the net and send text messages and interact with a mobile phone with just a simple thought.

What Can it Do?

The XWave headset is said to be able to detect attention levels and attempt to control objects on the iPhone’s screen. It is said to launch in October and its application will teach users how to levitate an onscreen ball, browse their music library and change the screen’s color with only their brain.

How Does it Work?


The PLX XWave works by reading the electrical signals of the brain via a sensor that is inside its headset and placed on a user’s forehead. The XWave was created by NeuroSky eSense technologies and was made to sense even the faintest of brain impulses that move from the brain to the surface of the forehead. It then converts these electrical impulses into digital readings and performs a task.

The XWave headset is comprised of several key features. It looks and fits like an ordinary headset but has been built around some very important components. A regular headset incorporates a movable mic, but instead of a mic there is a clip that attaches to the ear and acts as a ground. There is another movable extensive which rests by the forehead and contains a sensor that picks up brainwave signals. The headset contains the Apple interface and Brainwave detection software by the NeuroSky company. This advanced technology is the main component of the XWave application.


This technology is surely unlike anything humankind has ever encountered. Technology at this level has always been reserved to top science labs and medical institute. It also goes to show that the human mind and its capabilities are ever evolving and due to the PLX XWave application and headgear everyone can fine tune their minds and do remarkable things with them. The headset and application costs $99.99 and can be purchased here.