Buyer's Guide to iPhone Accessories: Choosing the Best Cases, Chargers, Headsets and Docking Stations

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The best iPhone accessories not only augment your style statement, but also assist you in various ways. For example, Bluetooth accessories for your iPhone, being stylish to the core, offer the best hands-free experience. Similarly, iPhone cases are elegantly designed to be protective without compromising on looks and features. Therefore you are at a double advantage when you look forward to accessorizing your smartphone.

To help you buy the accessory of your choice, we have compiled a list of some of the best cases, chargers, headsets – useful and totally wacky accessories for your iPhone. This guide to iPhone accessories will help you to make an informed decision on what accessory should you buy and why.

Top iPhone Cases

Besides being ultra chic, iPhone cases protect your iPhone from dust and scratches. There are plenty of case options, including leather cases, holsters, designer cases and rugged cases.

Choosing the right iPhone case totally depends on what your preferences are, whether you want a plain case that protects your phone, or a tough holster that doubles up as a stylish designer case. And if you are still confused, then you should check out our huge list of case choices. Maybe you will find the iPhone case of your dreams or something surprising.

Car Accessories for Your iPhone

If you thought iPhone car accessories, such as docking stations and cradles, were the least glamorous, think again. These travel companions are heavy on design and provide the ultimate hands-free experience for users.

Whether you want to watch a movie or listen to your favorite songs while traveling, there is an accessory for that. Each accessory is elegant enough to complement the interior of your vehicle. Moreover, they are designed to withstand the rigors of travel. Find out what the best docking stations, car mounts, cradles and car chargers are if you are looking to buy an iPhone accessory for your travel needs.

Best iPhone Headsets and Earphones

The iPhone is an amazing iPod! Yes, the latest version of Apple’s innovative smartphone offers a rich listening experience. iPhone’s built-in speakers may be a good choice to listen to your favorite songs, but you will need a pair of earphones if you want to enjoy listening to music in your personal space.

Thankfully, there are some great iPhone earphones and headphones that are not only stylish in design, but also exceptional in sound quality. They are designed to deliver rich bass and bring out the smallest details in your music.

Besides earphones, there are plenty of portable speakers to choose from, including the top choices that deliver crystal clear sound and rich bass. You will also find plenty of Bluetooth headset choices to help improve your conversations with your colleagues and family. We have the best earphone and headphone choices in this section and I am sure you will never need to surf different shopping sites to choose one.

iPhone Chargers

A fully charged up battery ensures hours and hours of talktime, music, video playback and gaming fun. But it is important that you choose a reliable, durable and safe charger that charges your smartphone quickly. There are other factors too, including the size, weight and design. A good charger should always be lightweight and small so that it’s easy to carry around.

If you have been traveling a lot, then I would recommend a portable solar charger for on-the-go charging. There are, in fact, plenty of charger options, including wireless ones. We have some great charging options for you and hope you will find a charger that suits your preferences.

Top iPhone Accessories

Now that you have bought a docking station, a cool set of earphones, a portable wireless charger and a rugged case, it’s time to look out for other options. Maybe you’d like to buy a Bluetooth travel cable, an iPhone glove or a projector? Of course these aren’t necessary but they are worth a splurge. After all, you do want to make the most out of your iPhone so why not buy the snazziest accessories? Check out our top accessory choices, including gadgets, FM transmitters and gloves.

Hope you liked our iPhone accessories guide. If you have any questions, do leave a comment and we will do our best to answer. Like to share your own accessory list with us? Drop us your suggestions – we’d love to know what your accessory choices are.