Recommendations for the Top LG enV3 Apps

Recommendations for the Top LG enV3 Apps
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The LG enV3 is an impressive feature phone with a spacious QWERTY keyboard, dual displays, 3 MP camera, easy-to-use controls, and an HTML Web browser. Here are some app recommendations for this handset.

Family Locator

Family Locator

Family Locator allows users to keep track of their near and dear ones via the use of GPS technology. You can simply subscribe to this service by running through the activation wizard online. The service requires you to have at least two handsets. One of them will act as the locator, owned by the parents/family members, and the other as the locatee handset, for the children/relatives to use.

The Family Locator service is simple to setup and can be managed either online or from the phone. Begin by setting a zone and once the zone is set, parents/family members will have the ability to view their child’s location in a 3D bird eye’s view along with the address of the nearest location where their child is. Although the location details aren’t 100 percent accurate, they are pretty close. Another noted drawback of this app is that the phone being located must be switched on at the time the location signal is sent, as well as the children/family members need to have the handset with them. If they leave it at home or lose the phone, the Locator function is rendered useless. Overall, it’s a nifty application for parents or family members who like to know where their near and dear ones are.

Subscription: $9.99/ month

City ID

City ID

City ID is an enhanced caller ID app that automatically displays the name of the city and state of an incoming call. It’s a great communication tool that provides additional information to help its subscribers in identifying unknown phone numbers. Though it is easy to get a different state number from anywhere, this app easily identifies different cities with the same area code.

The settings allow you change the size of the display, font, and also the location on the screen. So, install this useful app, enable the settings of your choice, and you are all set.

City ID, by Cequint Incorporated, is backed up by sufficient data on more than 20,000 cities across North America, which, according to the company officials, is adequate enough for identifying phone numbers calling from cities and towns within North America.

Subscription: $1.99/ month



As the name suggests, FunTones brings unlimited ringtones to your LG enV3! It offers a wide selection ringtones including name tones, voice tones, celebrity impersonations, sexy voices, sound effects, original music and more. Just pay once and download unlimited ringtones on your mobile phone. FunTones UNLIMTED even allows you to send your ringtones to your computer where you can easily manage them.

The app also offers you a wide variety of hilarious sound effects that you can enjoy each time you load FunTones UNLIMITED. The app requires you have an active Internet connection and it does not allow customized ringtones.

Subscription: $2.99

WeatherBug Protect

WeatherBug Protect

WeatherBug Protect turns your LG enV3 into a potential life-saving alert system by providing live and accurate local weather data before severe weather becomes a danger. The app’s weather alerts are provided through the company’s privately managed weather station network. The system checks potentially severe weather conditions, examines weather alerts within a selected range of each subscriber’s location and then delivers a message on the user’s weather profile.

Subscription: $5.99

Third Party Apps

Here are few third party LG enV3 apps that you can download on your handheld at your own risk.

  • Barcode Reader: Barcode reader is a free app that uses your handset’s in built camera to photograph and decode barcodes. This app can be put to a variety of uses like scanning QR codes, Data Matrix, Codebar, UPCs and EANs.

  • YouTube : The YouTube mobile app allows you to access your YouTube account, directly upload videos and browse through million of videos available on the website, right from your mobile phone. You can even rate, share and comment on videos via this free application.

  • Facebook Mobile: This third party app takes you to the Facebook mobile site, allowing you to access your account anywhere, anytime right from your handset. It’s free to download.

  • LocViewer: LocViewer is another free app that displays your current position on maps or satellite pictures downloaded from the Internet. These maps and satellite pictures can be easily zoomed and panned. LocViewer even indicates your speed and moving direction on the maps.


  • IM All-in-One Mobile Messenger : IM All-in-One Mobile Messenger is a great communication tool that keeps you connected to your Facebook, Twitter, MySpaceIM, Jabber, AIM, Yahoo and MSN messengers for just $1.99.