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Have you ever wondered what you would look like as a porker? What if you packed on a few pounds, how would your cheek line look? Maybe you have, maybe you haven’t but either way, Fatbooth can show you.


Fatbooth is the latest novelty application for the iPhone designed by PiVi & Co. You may be familiar with PiVi & Co. from some of their previous iPhone app releases such as Agingbooth which is very similar to Fatbooth except instead of fattening you up, it adds a few wrinkles.

Fatbooth runs on the iPhone and utilizes the camera for the input. iOS 3.1.2 or higher is required to run Fatbooth. The application can be purchased in the Apple App Store just like any other application.

FatBooth Review (3 out of 5)

Upon starting up Fatbooth you will be presented with the introduction screen. The big red “Start” button is hard to miss. Once you press the start button you will be able to see the image input from the iPhone camera.

iPhone: Fatbooth

Using Fatbooth you will take a picture of the subject you want to chuck up. This could be yourself, a friend, co-worker or just about anyone. Once you have the picture, the application will do a nice job at adding the necessary bulk. Fatbooth does an impressive job of creating a realistic fat effect on your subjects face.

Extra bulk is added to the cheeks, the chin, forehead and nose regions of the face. After testing Fatbooth with various pictures the results are always quite impressive. Fatbooth does not produce poor, false looking photos. The resulting images from Fatbooth actually look quite original.

Once an image has been created you will then be presented with the option to save it to the iPhone. Fatbooth also offers several other handy shortcuts at the bottom of the interface including “Email”, “Twitter” and “Facebook”. Using the Fatbooth application you can open an Email with the photo to send it. You can also upload the photo directly to Facebook and Twitter to share it with friends.

The Upload options directly from Fatbooth are a nice touch and make the application much more useful. Uploading images to both

iPhone: Fatbooth

Facebook and Twitter was fast and seamless, integrating very well into the Fatbooth application. Emailing photos from Fatbooth will actually open the iPhone’s internal email program and insert the photo.

Fatbooth is a great application for pranksters and iPhone users who like a joke. Fatbooth does not really offer anything phenomenal but it does make for a good laugh. Users of Fatbooth should always be careful as some individuals are very sensitive about their weight due to past issues and will not find the results of Fatbooth to be amusing. The rest of us can use Fatbooth to find out why we need to stop eating so much fast food.

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Screenshots provided courtesy of Fatbooth for the iPhone & PiVi Co.