Good Over Evil: Heroes III Review

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Heroes in the 3rd Generation

Heroes III sees the same progress from the original Heroes that the rest of PlayMesh generation 3 games did, such as iMafia III. This makes Heroes III an important step up for PlayMesh, but it does not bring anything really unexpected for those committed to PlayMesh free text based iPhone RPGs.

Heroes III on Your iPhone

Heroes III is, at its heart, a PlayMesh title that follows the PlayMesh model. This means that it forces you to buy Heroes III Alliance Members, all areas of Quests and Properties are inter-related, and fighting other Heroes III players is an important aspect. What Heroes III brings new is the same thing that the others brought new, which is based largely around an enhanced and centralized interface.

The Heroes III Hospital and Heroes III Vault are both under the banner of Heroes III Services. The Daily Unlock is a fun feature that sends you on a scavenger hunt for a reward of speciality items. This is common to all third generation PlayMesh text based iPhone RPGs, which keeps it in line.

Heroes III Features and PlayMesh Points

The only thing that really separates Heroes III from the other third generation PlayMesh text-based iPhone RPGs is the theme. This is the only thing that really separates any of PlayMesh’s RPGs from each other, as the design is identical. Heroes III is really just an update to the Heroes engine to keep players playing and entice new ones. The main reason for this is to sell Heroes III PlayMesh Points.

Heroes III PlayMesh Points is the main purpose of all these games and is what allows PlayMesh to give them away free. One of the best things about Heroes III is that you do end up getting free Heroes III PlayMesh Points, and free PlayMesh Points are something that all players should focus on.

Perfect Heroes Update

Heroes III is a good game, but it is not going to surprise you much. If you like the super hero theme and the PlayMesh design then the Heroes series is a good choice, and if you already play then the Heroes III update is expected. Seven out of ten stars.

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