The Blind Swordsman: Ninjas III Review

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Ninjas III Update

Ninjas III can be voted in more as an inevitability rather than an uber-success. PlayMesh titles, such as the intrepid iMafia and our consort Ninjas, works in generational shifts. All the early PlayMesh free MMO text-based iPhone RPGs had a similar design, and then the second generation was released. All those titles that were released after iMafia II did not need a sequel, but those from before did. Now the third generation was announced with iMafia III and Ninjas III only confirms that we will have several more to go. There is nothing wrong with Ninjas III for your iPhone, nor is there any reason you should not download it. The only factor that you should start mulling over is how set into the Ninjas franchise you really are and how much of an update you should expect.

Packing in More Content

There are a few new features are fairly high in numbers, but they are not going to redefine Ninjas. There are daily quests added, which is a nice touch for those who want constantly new items. More than that, the number of basic elements in Ninjas III has been kicked up a notch. This means more quests over all, more properties, and many more weapons. This ensures Ninjas III more of a necessary Ninjas update rather than a new game in any measure.


One of the strangest new features in Ninjas III, and the third generation of PlayMesh in general, is the branded features from PlayMesh. Since the PlayMesh iPhone application was released we seem to see an odd synergy between all PlayMesh software and an effort to create some type of community under their banner. You get messaging services in Ninjas III, as well as access to PlayMesh forums and a strange “Interactive PlayMesh Center,” which is of variable use.


The new map, though zoomable, is kind of awkward looking. It has most of the flavor of the Ninjas II look, but is kind of tight. The theme music that is also included is one of the most annoying new features of Ninjas III.

Ninjas III PlayMesh Points and Download

Ninjas III is another excuse to sell PlayMesh Points, and there are enough uses for Ninjas III PlayMesh Points to go around. You will also get some free Ninjas III PlayMesh Points with your update, and free PlayMesh Points will make almost any download worthwhile. In the end it is an adequate update, and if you are a committed Ninjas player you really will not be able to continue without it. Seven out of ten stars.

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