PlayMesh Generation 3: iMafia III Review

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Third in Line

PlayMesh is now making itself known not only for being the most prolific of all the MMO text-based iPhone RPG developers, but also for releasing a continuous number of significant updates for its software. The PlayMesh model began with iMafia and iRacing. These developed into pseudo sequels like Street Racers and iMafia II, which in reality are just overhauls that add effective little adjustments to gameplay and design. This update has occurred to all titles that were released under the original iMafia model and all those released after iMafia II included all of the features that were in place in this PlayMesh update.

Now we have the first of the third generation PlayMesh games: iMafia III. iMafia III ends up being an effective update to the iMafia design that is just as an involved evolution as iMafia II was.

The New iMafia III

The real difference between iMafia II and iMafia III is the measure of display. The vertical portrait view comes in fairly similar but more responsive than it was previously. The landscape view gives a different image than what we have gotten used to in iMafia. It is an image of a square block city in the middle of suburban spread. This is visually appealing, but at times the towers are so close together that it is difficult to select the one that you want, though you do have the ability to zoom in to the map. This does not matter too much as the majority of the time you will be looking at the iMafia III portrait view for quick selection.

New iMafia Content

The major updates that come with iMafia III is just a lot of new standard content elements like property and missions. This makes the iMafia III update a standard for all players; otherwise you will really just be playing with an archaic system.

iMafia III Serving PlayMesh

Many of the new features for iMafia III are annoying ways for PlayMesh to self promote and are really unnecessary for anyone that is now using the self titled PlayMesh iPhone application. You can send messages and go into forums, but you can do this in the PlayMesh application as well. You also get new theme music, which is actually invasive and needs to be shut off.

More Free PlayMesh Points

Of course, you end up with a free PlayMesh Points package with iMafia III, and this may be good enough of a reason to download and install it alone. It may only be ten free PlayMesh Points, but any set of free PlayMesh Points should be clamored for at all times.

Get This iMafia Update

The most important part of the iMafia III update is that it is a signal that there will be upcoming updates for all of the PlayMesh titles. Though there could have been a larger number of good features presented with the iMafia III update it still is a must-have for committed players. Seven and a quarter stars out of ten.

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