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M for Mafia

M:Mafia, the new free iPhone game from the developers of Dungeon Quest, is another mafia themed text-based iPhone RPG. With it, you go through the normal text functions that are familiar to games like iMob Online, iMafia and Mafia Wars. Though it is not the most original in overall design and theme you will find that the detail in gameplay, as well as its connection to your Facebook account, makes it worth checking out.

Starting Out

M:Mafia starts you out by asking you to do a number of things. It asks if you want to sync your M:Mafia account with your Facebook account, which is a good feature that adds to gameplay and even gives you more options for adding friends. It then asks you to select a nickname, choose a character type, and even get an avatar of your choosing. If you have opted to connect to your Facebook account, you will then be asked if you want to publish the story of your M:Mafia game.

M:Mafia Interface

Once you are into the M:Mafia game you will find that you get a little more detail in gameplay, which is very similar in almost every way to Dungeon Quest. The Jobs that are available to you to perform for money and experience points are broke down into different levels, which make them easier for you to choose through according to your resources and availability. The Stash is where you do all your shopping, including all weapons, vehicles, and even money-making land. Land is where you should be spending the majority of your money as this should be where you income comes from. Inside the Stash is also the Bank, where you can store your money to protect it from other M:Mafia players that may attack you.

Friends and Fights

You add to your Crew to perform upper level Jobs and Fights, which requires you to send invitations to other M:Mafia players. The rest of M:Mafia is pretty standard, with a number of places to see your statistics, view news from what is going on in your game, see your over all status, and even see some of the top M:Mafia players that are named as the Honor Roll.

Good Game

M:Mafia is not going to feel brand new, but that may be all right. The interface is not quite as clean and easy to pick up as iMob Online or Mafia Wars, but there is a little more here. If you would like a text-based iPhone RPG that links with your Facebook account then this is a good choice. Six and three quarter stars out of ten.

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