AOL Radio for iPhone Review: An App for Free Streaming Music, Sports, and News

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Stream Music on Your iPhone with AOL Radio

There are lots of ways to take your music with you on your iPhone. However, only a few of them will help you maintain your memory space. Even fewer will give you a chance to explore new music. One of the free apps for your iPhone that will do both of those things is AOL radio.

AOL Radio is streaming radio on your iPhone which means that you can take your music with you wherever you go. Much like with traditional radio, you can tune in to a specific station that has a theme. If you are in the mood for anything from classical to metal you find at least one station that is designed to meet your needs. Not quite sure what I mean? Well, there are over 200 stations that span about 25 genres of music.

Of course you can get more than just the generic nation-wide radio stations. You can get the local radio stations filled with sports, news and talk that are specific to your metro area.

If you want to keep an eye on your favorite stations you can just tag your favorites. That makes it a lot easier to find them again. You can also find a list of the songs that you have listened to recently so that you can buy them on iTunes and grow your music library. You can also see the album art on your screen.

How Well Does AOL Radio for the iPhone Work?

For the most part this app does its job admirably and even comes in clear when your signal is sketchy. When you take the AOL radio on long trips however you might find that it has some issues with switching to your “local area” on the fly. This means that by driving you can end up with Philadelphia’s local settings all the way down to DC. If you take a day stop in Baltimore for awhile however, it will catch right up.