How to Fix iPhone Volume Problems

How to Fix iPhone Volume Problems
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The iPhone Sounding Off

The iPhone is a media machine that is not only for the iPod section, but also a range of iPhone apps and internet features that can play audio and video in a whole range of capacities. For this the iPhone’s audio functionality must be appropriate at all levels so that you can use these features, but the iPhone’s volume is affected by a number of different aspects. iPhone volume problems are more common than most iPhone issues, so here are a few ways to troubleshoot iPhone volume problems that may come up.

iPod Volume Limit

The most common iPhone volume problem is found if the volume appears to have limits placed on it in the iPod. If you find that this iPhone volume problem is taking place start by going to the iPhone Settings. Go down to the third section of options and select iPod, which is below Messages and above Photos.

Here you are going to have general settings options for the iPod section of your iPhone. In the music options you will find Volume Limit, and select this. Here is where you can adjust a volume limit, which is going to be the barrier for how loud you are going to allow your iPod to play. This can often be the primary explanation for an iPhone volume problem, but really only in regards to the iPod.

Ring Volume

If you are finding that your iPhone’s volume problem is mainly related to the ringtone - it is either not playing at all, or not playing at an appropriate volume, you can troubleshoot this iPhone volume problem in much the same way as with the iPod Volume Limit. Go into Settings and then go to the top of the second block of options to select Sounds, which is right above Brightness. This Sounds section will address iPhone settings that are for sounds in general iPhone features.

Go down to the ring section and see on the volume bar where your ringtone volume is at. It will look the same as when you were working with


the iPod Volume Limit, and you can set it to whatever level you want.

In a more general way you can often fix this iPhone volume problem simply by adjusting the volume of the ringtone with the volume controls on the side of the iPhone. When you are in general iPhone functionality you can hit the up or down buttons on the side and it will adjust the iPhone ringtone volume.


The headphones themselves can cause quite a few iPhone volume problems, mainly in that the headphones tend to be very particular. If you are having instances where your iPhone volume goes up or down without your action it may be because of adjustments on the iPhone’s headphone controls, which are at sternum level on the headphones. If they are damaged in any way it may create iPhone volume problems, and you can test this out by trying some different headphones. The same iPhone volume problem could be caused by damage to the iPhone headphone slot.