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Ever-Changing iPhone

Your iPhone is a fluid device. Contacts are added, deleted and modified on a constant basis. You are going to be downloading applications and media content, syncing most of it from your computer and filling up your storage space with photos and taken video. In this constant state of flux, it may be next to impossible to recognize exactly what you have on your iPhone at any given time. There are a few ways that you can see a general layout of what is there, and more detailed methods to investigate what is actually inside of your touch screen.

Through iTunes

One of the most common ways is to see what types of media and software are taking up storage space on your iPhone when you plug it into your computer for a sync. When you see that it has been listed under the Devices heading in iTunes you can select it to get the basic overview of what is there. Then you can look at the general layout and see what percentage of the total storage space photos, video, music and applications respectively take up . You can then also manually look at every video and song you have selected for sync on your iTunes library list.

iPhone About Feature

Another great way to see what is exactly filling up your iPhone, and to get a general profile about your own device, is built right into the interface of the iPhone itself. Start by going to the iPhone Setting function.

Once there, go down to the third block of options and choose General, which hovers right above Mail, Contact, Calendars. The very top option of the top block will be About, which is right above Usage.

In About you are going to get a clear profile of your current iPhone. It will show how many songs, video, applications and photos you have. It will list your overall capacity and how much space you have available. It will give detail about your specific version, your current cell phone service carrier and the Serial Number and Model of your iPhone. More than this, it will give your Bluetooth, IMEI and ICCID numbers, though most users will not find this useful. At the bottom of the About section will be a Legal option, which gives you an overall list of legal notices for your iPhone.

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