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The Godfather Properties

Free text-based iPhone RPGs from The Godfather tended to be fairly uniform before Girl Wars Online and the newer updates. Now it is not uncommon to see an expanded form of item and property purchasing that takes you to different areas and tabs. What is common now, and began in Girl Wars Online, is for new text-based iPhone RPGs from The Godfather to have properties that are purchased as a whole at once.

Traditionally you had to buy a base type of lot and then build another property on top of that, which cost more money and required more activity. Now many of them simply ask you to buy a single property, which presents its own dynamic. This type of property system is what is in place in the new Race or Die for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Here is a guide and set of tips, for the Race or Die Estates system.

Race or Die Estates System

Race or Die Estates come in a few locations, which you can browse through in different tabs. Tampa, Tokyo, Amsterdam and Rio all have different pieces of property and their offerings are revealed at different times as you level up. The first one, and cheapest, is the Burger Shack in Tampa. As they begin to get offered to your in Race or Die you need to start plotting out how you will purchase.

Race or Die Tips for Property

Remember that each purchase of a Race or Die Estate is going to raise that Estate’s price. This means that if you buy a single Estate the price is going to go up, and if you buy ten at once the price is going to go up. The price of the Race or Die Estate is going to go up relative to the number of that Estate that you purchased, but if you buy them in smaller increments you will end up having to pay more. It is best to buy in a block of ten so as not to pay as much of an increase at that time.

Each Race or Die Estate gets more expensive as you buy it. This means that though one Race or Die Estate was the best offer at one point it may not be later on. This means that you want to spread out your purchases so as to make sure that you are getting the best return for your investment on each individual purchase.

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