Warbots Tips: Healing Yourself

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Healing Tips in Warbots

There are a few options in PlayMesh’s Warbots for the iPhone and iPod Touch to heal yourself. Just as with the rest of the free MMO text-based iPhone RPGs available from PlayMesh, there is a hospital function in Warbots. The Warbots hospital is cleverly titled the Warbots Depot, mainly because your Warbots character is a large robot that would have to see mechanical repairs rather then normal health care.

Besides the Warbots Depot, there is an option that utilizes your Warbots PlayMesh Points. Both the Warbots Depot and Warbots PlayMesh Points have their own benefits and detractions, and it is up to you to decide what one fits your specific situations best. Here are some tips for healing, using both the Warbots Depot and Warbots PlayMesh Points.

Warbots Depot

You will find the Warbots Depot under the Warbots Digivault and above PlayMesh when looking at the Warbots Portrait view. You will not be able to use the Warbots Depot if you have full Life Force, but if you do not you will have a big blue Fix button in the middle. There will be a cost above that for the Fix, and you will have to pay this out of your Warbots Digivault balance. You can only use your Warbots Digivault balance to pay for the Warbots Depot, and the balance will be listed at the top of the Depot menu.

The cost of using the Warbots Depot will be dependent on how low your Life Force is and how far in the game you are. Using the Warbots Depot can be somewhat expensive, but the Fix cost is often less than most MMO text-based iPhone RPGs. Once you add the ten percent deposit fee that is taken out of your deposit into the Warbots Digivault the cost ends up being more than you may have anticipated. You need be sparing about how often you use this and only do it when you want to fight several Battles sequentially, as you may do later on when you want to increase your game statistics.

Warbots PlayMesh Points

Another option to heal yourself is to use some of your Warbots PlayMesh Points. Select The Singularity, which is under Properties and above Interpol when you are in the Warbots Portrait view. At the top it will list how many Warbots PlayMesh Points you have, and below that will be a number of options for spending the PlayMesh Points. Lower down the list you will find “The Singularity offers you full Life Force” for two PlayMesh Points. Usually it is always best to use your Warbots PlayMesh Points on Faction Members, but since the cost is so low you may want to use this if you are low on money. If you have a bulk of Warbots PlayMesh Points and have more than enough Faction Members then you may want to go in this route.

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