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Vampires Popularity

Vampires Live has maintained its popularity over the months since its release and has been consistently not only one of Storm8’s most downloaded free iPhone games, but also one of the top MMO text-based iPhone RPGs in general and a major player on the iTunes’ App Store. Part of this is Vampires Live’s functionality and ability to attract a wide audience. Its vampire theme is thorough, but it also includes expected features of Storm8’s MMO text-based iPhone RPGs. The Vampires Live Healer works to heal your character for a financial exchange, which is modeled after the original hospital concept. Here are some easy tips for using the Vampires Live Healer.

Vampires Live Healer

When you are at the main Home screen in Vampires Live select Healer from the left hand column, which is directly under Blood Bank and above Loot. If you are full on life then you are only going to get a text statement that says so. If not you are going to find that the Vampires Live Healer has a design that is familiar if you play any other Storm8 MMO text-based iPhone RPG.

Once you are at less than full health from fights with other Vampires Live players, then the Healer will have a button in the center that you can heal yourself with. It will have a specific amount of blood that it will cost, and this is dependent on your character position and how much you need to be healed. Since you have to use blood found in your Vampires Live Blood Bank account to pay the Healer bill you will see how much blood you have in the Vampires Live Blood Bank above. You cannot just use free blood to pay the Vampires Live Healer bill.

Vampires Live Tips

The cost of using the Vampires Live Healer alone is relatively expensive, but once you apply the ten percent deposit fee at the Vampires Live Blood Bank you end up with a fairly high price. No much will happen to you if you die, other than that it will go on your statistics and you will be unable to perform certain tasks for a short period of time. Most times, especially early on when blood is still a major factor, you should just let your Vampires Live account heal on its own. Use the Vampires Live Healer sparingly.

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