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Vampires Soaking Up Your Mobile

What is different in Vampires: Bloodlust, though shared by many of the vampire-themed MMO text-based iPhone RPGs, is that they have renamed the property system. All of the MMO text-based iPhone RPGs use a property feature that allows you to invest your money.

You make money originally through missions and fights, then you take that money and buy property that then gives you money on a time cycle. This will become the main source of money for your character, which is should be the top priority of any of these games right from the start.

In Vampires: Bloodlust your currency is blood and you collect Minions. These are people from whom you extract blood. Here are some tips for working with the Vampires: Bloodlust Minions system.

Vampires: Bloodlust Minions

When you are at the main Vampires: Bloodlust menu you can select Minions from the center of the middle column, right under Bazaar and above Crypt. Here you are going to see a list of different types of Vampires: Bloodlust Minions you can purchase for varying amounts. These Minions go on a class hierarchy ranging from Bum, to Bank Teller, to Blood Bank Nurse, and so on. The higher you go in levels the more Minions are made available to you for purchase. Each different Minion type is going to have a different base price and a different influx of blood.

Another feature that is different in Vampires: Bloodlust is that there are no ’empty lots" that you have to purchase and develop. Most MMO text-based iPhone RPGs require you to buy a base property and then you buy a second one for that area. Since you only have to buy a single Vampires: Bloodlust Minion you can end up purchasing them quicker and from the very beginning.

Spread Around Purchases

The most important tip for using the Vampires: Bloodlust Minions is that the purchases must be spread around. The cost of a Minion goes up for each one that you own. This means that if you continuously buy one Minion over and over again because of its ratio of cost-to-payout you are going to see it become less economic each time. The best way to beat this is to try and purchase several different types of Vampires: Bloodlust Minions so that none become unreasonably expensive. Once they are all too expensive, it is time to level up until new ones are released.

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