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Saving Up in Vampires Live

Vampires Live uses the same kind of themed puns that many of the other vampire themed MMO text-based iPhone RPGs do. Instead of applying a normal monetary name to its currency it instead just calls it Blood, which is supposed to extend the vampire theme further that is its attraction. This theme colors the normal functions inside Vampires Live, such as the banking system. Here are some tips for using the Vampires Live Blood Bank.

Vampires Live Blood Bank

When you are in the Vampires Live Home menu select Blood Bank from the left hand column, which is under the Elders and above the Healer. Storm8 makes all of their Banks fairly simple to use, and this is also true of the Vampires Live Blood Bank.

At the top of the Vampires Live Blood Bank will be your Bank Balance. Below that will be a text box where you can enter the amount of blood you would either like to deposit or withdraw from your Vampires Live Blood Bank account. If you do not have any blood in the Vampires Live Blood Bank it will say Open Account With next to the text box.

Once you have money in the Vampires Live Blood Bank you can make a withdrawal, but it has to be equal to or less of the current Bank Balance. There is a ten percent fee taken out of all deposits into the Vampires Live Blood Bank.

Blood Bank Tips

The deposit cost, though less than most MMO text-based iPhone RPGs, is still quite a bit. If you end up depositing blood into the Vampires Live Blood Bank on a consistent basis you will find that you end up paying a lot of blood out in deposit fees. This can be a good place to protect you if you are being attacked by other Vampires Live players consistently, but it is not the kind of solution that is going to be good in the long term. You do have to use the Blood Bank to pay the Healer if you are going to use it, so you will have to have blood in here for that. You cannot pay with free blood so it is good to keep at least a little blood in the Vampires Live Blood Bank.

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