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iMafia III Tips for Success

What iMafia III players should shoot for in the end is to be successful not just in the wide parameters set by iMafia III, but against each other. How you have done in comparison to other iMafia III players will dictate how well you have done. This can be measured in a number of different ways, ranging from your ability to win fights to your over all statistics. The record of how well you have done in competition against other iMafia III players is the legacy of your character. Those who are on top are well recognized in iMafia III, even if they are not guaranteed to stay there. Here is a guide and some tips for the iMafia III Leaderboard, and how to get on it.

iMafia III Leaderboard

When you are at the main Portrait view in iMafia III select Police, which is under The Godfather and above the teal highlighted Daily Unlock. The iMafia III Police is two things: the Hitlist and the Leaderboard. Go ahead and select the Leaderboard button in the lower right to bring up this list. The iMafia III Leaderboard will give the top six iMafia III players in a few different areas. These areas of top iMafia III players are in most kills, most fights won, most bounty kills, and highest income. Each of the iMafia III players will have the appropriate numbers, such as their income or numbers of fights won, accompanying them to the right.

Leaderboard Tips

Getting on the iMafia III Leaderboard takes very specific counseling. Three out of the four iMafia III Leaderboard options are related to fights with other iMafia III players. This means that you should begin following strict fighting tips to increase your numbers specifically. If you want to increase your number of fights won you need to start fighting on a consistent basis. Use your leveling up points to increase your attack ability and your Stamina. This way you will be able to win more fights and engage in a much larger number of them. On top of this you have to make sure that you have income that is going to support increasing your mob and keeping up on the highest possible level of weapons.

The same things can be true to increase your bounty kills, yet you can also work on setting your own bounties on weak players and then collecting on them yourself. If you want to work on increasing your kill count the best tip is to fight single players until they get to a terminal level. Do this instead of fighting a large number of different iMafia III players. Each fight counts as a single fight won and it does not require it to be with different iMafia III players.

If you want to focus on increasing your income then you should stop leveling up completely, as well as fighting or entering missions, and just invest in Real Estate. Do this often and using good calculations for spreading out purchases. You are going to have to provide long periods of wait time so that you will have sums of money that allow large numbers of purchases.

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