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Zynga’s great Vampires: Bloodlust is really just a well-manicured version of the similar MMO text-based iPhone RPG that most vendors and giving away. Just as with the rest of them, Vampires: Bloodlust includes a money system, a property sale and a sense of banking. Like the rest it also includes a Hospital where you get healed. The only difference here is that Vampires: Bloodlust cleverly named it the Crypt.

Vampires: Bloodlust Crypt

When you are at the main Vampires: Bloodlust display, you can find Crypt at the bottom of the center column, directly under Minions and to the left of Elders. In the Vampires: Bloodlust Crypt is states that you can heal yourself, but you will have to sacrifice a certain amount of blood. The blood cost is directly related to how low your life has become. Once you select OK, it will automatically take that amount of blood from you and raise your life back to full.

Vampires: Bloodlust Tips

Each situation is different when it comes to healing yourself in the Vampires: Bloodlust Crypt, but you should use it sparingly. The blood cost in the Vampires: Bloodlust Crypt is high, even for this type of game. In comparison to hospitals in similar titles, the cost is much more profound. Usually it is better to just let your health gradually regain on its own rather than spend your blood on it. The only time when this is acceptable is later on when you have large influxes of blood coming in from Minions and you are trying to complete large numbers of fights in a row. If you find that your life is too low to complete the Vampires: Bloodlust tasks that you had set up ahead of you then it is reasonable. It is usually better to wait until your account’s life is very low before you go ahead and sacrifice your blood. The best way to do this is to wait until you are unable to compete, then it will be a little more justifiable. Make sure that you are never using the last bit of your available blood to pay for the Vampires: Bloodlust Crypt

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