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iMafia II is a Banking Capital

As an MMO text-based iPhone RPG, your iMafia II account is always open to attack. This means that your iMafia II cash content is open to capture at any given time by other players who may want to engage in a fight. This is even truer when you are engaging in combat. One way to protect your iMafia II money is by utilizing the Bank, a feature that keeps it safe. Here is a guide and a few tips to using the iMafia II Bank.

How to Use the iMafia II Bank

When you are at the main iMafia II portrait view find the Bank, which is right under Police and above Hospital. The Bank is in the left hand pane of the landscape view and in between the Hospital and the Pawn shop. When you are in the Bank, you will then have a text box that says Enter Amount in the middle. Here you put in an amount of your iMafia II money and then hit the deposit button below. You can also hit the Deposit All button and it will deposit all of your money.

Deposit Fees

Depositing money into your iMafia II Bank will cost ten percent. This can end up being very costly when you do this repeatedly, though if you just use a larger amount of money it will cost the same. Withdrawing money is free, but the original cost from the deposit is still present.

iMafia II Bank Tips

The main trouble here is to decide whether or not the iMafia II Bank is worthwhile for you at all. The majority of the time the cost does not outweigh the protective benefits. If you find yourself being attacked consistently and cannot hold onto your money at all then this is a good option. If this is happening really early on you may not want to go for the iMafia II Bank anyway because you will have such a small influx of cash. Instead, you should just wait this period out, try to focus your experience points on defense, and make sure that you do not level up too quickly. If you find this happening at upper levels the Bank can be a temporary solution, but you may have leveled up too quickly.

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