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M:Mafia requires most of the same things from its players that most of the text-based iPhone RPGs do, especially Dungeon Quest. Once of the main parts of this is adding people to your Crew so that you can perform higher Jobs and be more proficient in Fights. To do this, you have to add other M:Mafia players to your account through an invitation system. Here is a quick and easy guide for adding to your Crew in M:Mafia.

Player ID

When you are at the main M:Mafia menu go down to the Crew button, which is in the right hand column under The Don and above News. When you are in the Crew menu, you are going to be given a number of different options. The first, and main one, is Player ID. Each M:Mafia player has their own Player ID that people can use for sending invitations. When you hit the Player ID button you will be taken to a text box where you can enter someone’s Player ID and send them an invite. In the main M:Mafia screen you will find your Player ID right near the top by your nickname and avatar. There will also be an Invite button here, and if you press it you will be taken back to the Player ID input box. You want to spread around your Player ID as much as you possibly can so that the most M:Mafia players can see it. My Player ID is 166961217, so add me freely. You can also post your Player ID below in the comments section.


Below the Player ID button in the Crew member will be the Facebook option. When you hit the Facebook button your Facebook account information will be tapped. Once M:Mafia has connected to your Facebook account and your friends list will come up. Here you can send M:Mafia invitations to anyone that you are friends with on Facebook.

Contacts List

Below the Facebook button is a button that says Phone. When you press this, you will be given two options. You can either enter someone’s phone number into the text box or you can press the From Contacts button to send invitations to people in your iPhone Contacts List. This is not usually a great option because only a fraction of people in your Contacts List will have an iPhone. To make this easier, you can go through your Contacts List and mark who has an iPhone.


The last option for sending invitations is to do so through email. You again have the options to actually enter the email address into the text box or go into your Contacts List. If you do this, you need to make sure that you are adding people’s email address to their profile in your Contacts List.

View Crew List

The very bottom option in the Crew menu is to View Crew List. Here will just be the list of everyone who has accepted your invites, your own profile, as well as an option to buy M:Mafia Crew members from the Don.

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