How to Take iPhone Screenshots and Save Web Images on Your iPhone

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iPhone’s Screen Capture and Photo Saving Features

Along with many of the other advancements that have come with the new wave of smart phone equipment is the ability to take phone photography to new heights. Not only is the picture quality of phones like the iPhone enough to completely eliminate any type of foreseeable competition, but the variety of possible functions for the device warrants a whole host of different options when it comes to capturing a still image. There are a number of different things you can do with your iPhone to get a great picture.

Taking iPhone Screen Shots

One of the great things about the iPhone is that it acts like a computer and allows you to take an actual screen shot. Just like on your home PC you can acquire a still image of the exact display that is on your phone at any given moment. To do this you press the Home and Sleep buttons at the same time, after which a white flash will appear. The photo will then be saved under your iPhone Photo section.

How to Save Web Images to the iPhone

You can easily save pictures that you get online in the same way that you would on a computer. When viewing any image through Safari, email, or an internet application, you simply press down on the photo and hold it until you get a pop up window. From there, you can select to save the image in question.

Adding Photos to the iPhone

If you want to add photos to your iPhone for different uses it is as easy as adding a normal music or video file to the iPod section. Using iTunes, you can select your iPhone and then go to the photo section. Select a folder to sync with iTunes and your iPhone, and then during the sync these photos will be saved into the Photo Library folder in your Photos application. From there, they can be used for opening screens or number tags.

Taking Photos

The best way to take photos with the iPhone is to use an application that will help optimize the use. Even though the resolution is higher than most phones, it is still hard to get stable images that are in anyway comparable to those from a regular camera.

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