Complete Guide to Selling an iPhone

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Apple’s iPhone is a hugely desirable device and it has sparked major growth in the smartphone market. They have released several new versions over the years and many fans of the original have stayed loyal to the brand and upgraded with each new release. Others may have tired of the Apple experience and decided to switch to a new Android smartphone. Whatever the reason for leaving your old iPhone behind you are stuck with the same quandary – what to do with that old iPhone.

The good news is that even used iPhones are in hot demand and you can get a pretty decent return. You aren’t going to get anything like the premium you paid for it but iPhones are so expensive brand new that you can expect to get a pretty good price selling it as second-hand. If you take the time to present your iPhone in the best possible light and choose the right marketplace then you can make a tidy sum. We’ll also take a look at some security considerations and offer advice on how best to prepare your iPhone for sale.

How to Sell your iPhone

This comprehensive guide to selling your iPhone offers a wealth of tips on how to prepare it for the market. It also looks at exactly where to sell it to get the best possible price. There’s a lot more to consider than you might think.

DIY Repair: Finding iPhone Parts

Any sort of problem or fault with your iPhone is going to reduce your potential sale price. There are a number of basic faults that are cheap and easy to fix. You can find details on where to find the right parts for your DIY fix right here.

Transferring Contacts from iPhone

If you are upgrading to a new iPhone and getting rid of your old one then make sure that you copy over your old contacts. Find out how easy it is to transfer contacts from one iPhone to another right here.

How to Export iPhone Contacts List as CSV

Perhaps you haven’t decided on your next phone yet but you are ready to sell your iPhone right now. Well you still don’t want to lose those contacts, so here is a solution that will let you keep them safe ready to transfer to your new phone whenever you get it.

Bringing an iPhone Back to How You Bought It

It is vital that you make sure you completely wipe your iPhone before you sell it. You don’t want to be passing along any personal details or sensitive information to the next owner.

Guide to Cleaning Your iPhone

You may have wiped the internals clean in preparation for selling but you also need to consider the outside. This guide will school you on exactly how to get that iPhone sparkling clean and looking like new.

The iPhone Jailbreak Guide

Some people are shopping for jailbroken iPhones because they’d rather not to have to run through the process themselves. You might find your iPhone is easier to sell if you jailbreak it first. If you decide to give it a try this guide will help you.

Removing Your iPhone’s SIM Card

Your SIM card basically stores your phone number along with some other bits and pieces of information. When you sell your iPhone you’ll definitely want to take the SIM card out before sending it. Find out how to do it.

Guide to Activating an iPhone Without the SIM

If you buy an iPhone without a SIM card then this guide should come in handy. It will show you exactly how you can activate your iPhone without the original SIM. The instructions are easy to follow and it’s a relatively simple process.

iPhone Help: Fixing an Unresponsive Home Button

One of the most common faults on old iPhones is the home button not responding. There are various potential causes for this but thankfully there are also various potential fixes and this article runs through them. Don’t throw that old iPhone away – try fixing it yourself.

To get the best price possible for your iPhone when you come to sell it you should fix it up and clean it up. For your own security and in order to keep your number you should back up your contacts, wipe the phone’s memory clean and remove the SIM card. Hopefully these guides prove useful to you as an iPhone seller. If you have any tips of your own that you’d like to add then please post a comment and let us know about them.


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