iPhone Versus Android, BlackBerry, Nokia and Palm

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Apple’s iPhone has taken the world by storm and helped to fan the flames of the average person’s burning desire to own a smartphone. The original iPhone release looks dated now, but the iPhone 4 is still holding its own in the marketplace and the iPhone 5 is just around the corner. Apple’s flagship product has taken the mobile industry in a new direction and it’s all about touch screens and apps.

The success of the iPhone can’t really be attributed to any one thing. It features a gorgeous design, the touch screen is responsive and incredibly sharp, the interface is accessible and the app choice is amazing. Even though it doesn’t represent the absolute cutting edge in terms of technology and hardware, the iPhone has continued to outsell more powerful competitors.

Find out why the iPhone has been so successful and exactly how it measures up against a host of other smartphones.

iPhone vs Android

The biggest competitor for the iPhone now is undoubtedly Android. The Android platform has captured the lion’s share of the smartphone market, but it resides on a multitude of different devices. There have only been four models of iPhone (not counting the variations in storage).

In these comparisons you’ll find a point by point analysis of exactly how some of the best Android smartphones of the last couple of years have measured up to the iPhone. If you’re stuck between the two and unsure which way to go then these smartphone battles should help you decide. You’ll certainly learn what the strengths of the iPhone are and you’ll also see the areas where it is lagging behind the competition.

iPhone vs BlackBerry

Back before the iPhone, there was the BlackBerry. The BB line played a big part in creating the smartphone market. BlackBerry manufacturers, RIM, tended to focus on the business community, but they have also always attracted a good number of casual users. In recent times they’ve allowed their seemingly unassailable market lead to slip away. They’ve mostly given up ground to Android, but the iPhone has also tempted many people away from the BlackBerry brand.

In these smartphone battles we take a look at how the iPhone compares to the best BlackBerry has to offer.

iPhone vs Nokia and Palm

Another company that has been losing ground in the mobile market is Nokia and they’re been trying to fight back with some high spec releases. We take a closer look at how good they are and whether they can really challenge the iPhone 4. Of course it could be worse for Nokia – they could end up like Palm. The Palm Pre was expected to do well and some even touted it as an iPhone killer. The real story ended rather differently. There was a Palm Pre 2 but then HP stepped in and bought the company.

iPhone vs iPod and iPad

This last batch of articles compares Apple products. Wondering whether you should buy an iPhone or just go with an iPod Touch? Well you can find some answers here. We also compare the 16 GB and 32 GB versions of the iPhone 4, the iPhone 3GS and the iPhone 4, and then finally the iPhone and the iPad go head to head. If you can only afford to get one Apple product then read these comparisons before you decide which one to go for.

So what do you think? Is the iPhone really the best smartphone in the world? Post a comment and let us know.