Educational Apps for Students on the iPhone

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There is a useful side to the iPhone – it’s not all about listening to music and goofing around. Learn about the amazing educational options that are available for all age groups. If you’re a college student you’ll find your iPhone can be an awesome study tool. If you have kids then you’ll have no trouble finding apps that will entertain and educate at the same time.

You can also find many useful tools that will provide you with the answers and information that you need as you go about your busy day. Your iPhone can be a terrific reference library if you know what apps to download. It can also be a powerful organizational tool that helps you to keep your schedule on track.

Must-Have Apps for Studying with Your iPhone

Here are ten awesome apps for students. Get help with schedules and task lists, check up on your professors, study with flashcards, and refer to Wikipedia and the dictionary for the answers you need. You’ll even find an app to keep your finances balanced, to find free Wi-Fi in your local area and to get you out of bed in the morning.

Best Calendar Apps for iPhone

Keeping track of your appointments and organizing a schedule is essential for any student and these calendar apps can help you to do just that. Make sure you stay on top of everything and plan your time effectively by using a calendar.

Best iPhone Task Manager/To-Do List Apps

Breaking your tasks down into manageable chunks and listing them out can help to focus your productivity. These task manager and to-do list apps will help you to record your tasks and ensure that you work through them in a timely fashion.

Dictate Notes and Record Interviews with These iPhone Applications

Forget about jotting down notes. With these iPhone apps you can turn your iPhone into a Dictaphone and record your thoughts. You could even use these apps to record lectures or interviews so you can easily refer back to them later.

The 10 Best Apps for Education

You’ll find reference guides, note taking apps and apps to help with geography and maths in this round-up. These apps are the best choices out there for mobile learning.

Best iPhone PIM Apps

If you’re looking for a way to organize your entire life then what you need is a Personal Information Manager. These diverse apps allow you to schedule your tasks and keep track of everything from your shopping lists to your lecture schedule.

Get Evernote on Your iPhone!

This app is hugely popular and it works well as a study aid. It allows you to create notes in various forms and you can combine text, images and voice notes to create a useful record for your studies. Learn what the app has to offer and exactly how to use it.

Brush Up Those Math Skills with Your iPhone

These apps can help you with everything from basic calculations to geometry and calculus. You’ll never be stuck for a formula or equation again with these handy math apps on your iPhone.

iPhone Calculus App Round Up

If the subject that you need help with most is calculus then this app round-up is for you. These five apps are all devoted to calculus and you’ll find help with equations and formulas, as well as lessons designed to improve your skills.

Use Your iPhone as a Calculator with These Apps

You can forget about buying an expensive calculator with these iPhone apps. They go beyond basic calculations to cater for graphs, equations and functions.

iPhone Flashcards That Prepare Students for Subject Tests

Flashcards can be a great tool for learning and they come in very handy when you are studying for a test. This round-up of flashcard apps for your iPhone covers some useful subjects including math, vocabulary, and science.

Best iPhone Language Translation Apps

If you are studying languages then you’ll find a wealth of useful apps available in the iTunes App Store. Cut through the basic and poor quality fluff and find the best options for real language students in this round-up.

Studying the Human Body on iPhone

Learn all about the human body with these comprehensive anatomy apps. These are the perfect choice for medical students and will save you from having to lug extra books around.

Best SAT Apps for iPhone

Studying for the SAT? These apps can help you to prepare for your exam and increase your chances of passing. There are apps for grammar, vocabulary, math and more.

Keep Your Toddler Happy with These Free Educational iPhone Apps

It’s never too early to start learning and these apps are ideal for keeping toddlers entertained and educating them at the same time – win, win for you.

Best iPhone Educational Apps for Toddlers

Here’s another great round-up of handy apps that can teach your toddler and keep them amused at the same time. They can get started on shapes, numbers, language and animals. With these accessible apps your toddler will be picking up new words and concepts in no time.

Have you encountered any excellent educational apps on the iPhone? Post a comment and let us know about them.