How to Turn on iPhone Mic Remotely

How to Turn on iPhone Mic Remotely
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Turn on the iPhone Mic Remotely

At some point in their life everyone would like to overhear a conversation. Whether it is ensuring that a babysitter is doing a good job, or simply playing a joke on your friends. The iPhone is not the perfect bug, but if you could turn the iPhone mic on remotely it could work. This will require having access to both the iPhone and a computer that can run a program to connect to it, but once you have that, the rest of the process is not all that difficult.

How to Turn on an iPhone Mic Remotely

As with most ideas for how to extend the use of the iPhone the first thing to do is search the Apple app store. If you do you will find that the only real solution for this is Remote Mic. This is because this is more complicated than most other apps as it requires you to download and start the iPhone app, which costs 99 cents. In addition to this you need to download software to put onto your computer. It also has to be on the same Wi-Fi network. Not ideal for covert surveillance.

In addition to this there are a couple of other small problems. One is that the screen lights up when you start this. That means that if anyone can see the iPhone they will know what you are doing and likely not say anything too damaging and if it is hidden the likelihood is that the microphone will not work very well.

iPhone App Remote Mic (3 out of 5)

Unfortunately, while this is one of the only solutions it is not all that good. It is a bit buggy and sometimes crashes for no apparent reason. There are also a significant number of reviews that say they were unable to get it to work at all. This may simply be due to the difficulty of connecting the two programs, but even at 99 cents a program that does not work is frustrating. The good news though is that if you can get this app to work then it generally works quite well.

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The Remote Mic Computer Program (4 out of 5)

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In addition to the Remote Mic app you need the Remote Mic software that you run on your computer. This program is simple to use and works very well. When you start it there are only two buttons, one is to find devices the other to connect to them. Once you have discovered it this will let you turn the iPhone mic on remotely. Once the program has found and connected to the iPhone you can turn on the phone quite easily.


While not as remote as you might like and not always easy, with a bit of practice and effort you can use the Remote Mic app to turn on the iPhone mic remotely and for 99 cents it will be far less expensive than buying any new spy gizmos. You may also be interested in the best iPhone spy apps.


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