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appstore-icon-20100607Apple created the App Store as a one-stop shop to purchase and download apps for it's many popular devices: iPhone, iPad, iPod and Mac. This revolutionary idea has since been adopted by many other mobile device platforms. None, however, have been able to match or surpass the ingenious forethought that went into the design of Apple's App Store. With over 300,000 apps currently available and more added each day, everyone can find something to help customize their Apple device.

Browse this guide for a wealth of information and all the tips and tricks you'll need to know about the App Store. Bright Hub's talented contributors bring you great information about how to use it, troubleshooting problems and a compilation of lists of the best apps you can find.

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Mobile App Ratings: Why Parents Should be Careful

Are all apps safe for your teen to download and use? Learn what the app rating system means and why you should still be concerned about what is available for your child to download...

Tying the Knot with iPhone: Best Wedding Apps

There are an unbelievably high number of wedding apps for your iPhone that are complete rubbish. The wedding business is booming and, as you'll have no doubt realized already, as...

Great Apps for Tween Boys That They'll Actually Use

Much like buying a tween boy socks at Christmas, most app lists that you'll find with choices for them will contain a lot of apps that fit a stereotype rather than apps that a tween...

Parent-Approved Apps for Picky Tween Girls

Who says tween girls are difficult? There are a lot of apps that promise to be for tweens, but that just don't hit the right note. Then there are those that are just plain garbage...

Most Popular Articles on App Store
    How to Change the App Store Settings on Your iPhone

    For those who use the iTunes' App Store right from their iPhone, here are some ways to change your account settings without ever plugging in to your computer....

    What's the Best Talk to Text App for iPhone?

    While there are many text to speech iPhone apps in the App Store, talk to text apps for iPhone are not very common. We dug into the App Store to find these rare talk to text apps and found the best four...

    Best Three Hands-Free Texting Apps for iPhone 4

    Accidents happen. Several months ago a train engineer was distracted while reading a text and didn't see an oncoming train; she died in the collision. Many states are now passing laws that outlaw...

    What is the Best iPhone Flashlight App?

    One of the most popular non-call, non-email features of a cell phone is the ability to use the bright display to light your way. It's not a feature that is often advertised on a box or promotional...

    Apps to Manage Contacts on Your iPhone

    While the iPhone has a very useful built-in contact management app, you might still find yourself looking for something more powerful and more visually appealing. Take a look at some of the best apps to...

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How to Use the Mac App Store

The Mac App Store is open and full of great software for your computer. Want to know how to use the App Store? This article will walk you through it....

Your Guide to the Apple App Store

This guide covers a series of articles designed to help the novice iPhone user take full advantage of Apple's App Store. You'll also find out how to fix common App Store problems...

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