How to Open Email Attachments on iPhone

How to Open Email Attachments on iPhone
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How to Open Email Attachments on iPhone

Opening email attachments on iPhone is easy, especially when you have your email set up to iPhone. On the run and need to take a quick glance at the PDF or Word doc attachment that was sent to your email? You can view PDF, Word Document, Spreadsheet and photo email attachments from your iPhone. You are even able to save photo attachments to iPhone. All you have to do to open email attachments on iPhone is touch the attachment. The iPhone automatically takes you to an attachment viewing screen that allows you to zoom in and out if needed. Want more detailed instructions for how to open email attachments on iPhone? Keep reading for a step-by-step tutorial with screenshots to guide you.

iPhone Email Attachments: PDF, Word Doc and Spreadsheets

All email attachments work the same on iPhone, but an example for each kind of attachment will be shown to help the users who are new to emailing on iPhone.

Open PDF on iPhone

Find the email that has the PDF attachment on your iPhone and open it. Attachments will show up in the checkered outline box with a download arrow (as shown below).

Press inside the box to download the attachment to the iPhone. When the PDF document is ready to be opened, the checkered box will turn into a solid box with an arrow pointing right (as shown below).

PDF Attachment Screenshot

Press inside the solid box to open the attachment viewing screen. Swipe up or down to scroll through the pages, or use two fingers to zoom in and out.

PDF Attachment Screenshot 2

Open Word Document or Spreadsheet on iPhone

A Word document and/or spreadsheet attachment can be opened on iPhone in the same way that a PDF file can. Find and open the email with the attachment, press the arrow in the dotted box to download and wait for the phone to load the Word document or spreadsheet. When the solid box appears, press the box again to open the document in the attachment viewing screen. Don’t forget that you can zoom in by expanding the screen with two fingers. See examples below for how your iPhone email attachments will look when opened from your phone.

Word Doc Attachment for iPhone Screenshot

Word Doc attachment for iPhone example

Word Doc Attachment for iPhone Screenshot 2

Spreadsheet attachment example for iPhone

Receiving Email Photos on iPhone

Opening iPhone email attachments of photos is just a little bit different than other attachments. Open the email with a jpeg or photo attachment. You’ll find the same dotted box with the download arrow (as seen on other email attachment examples). Press the arrow and wait for the phone to download the photo to the iPhone. Once it’s downloaded, the photo will show up within the email instead of on a separate attachment viewing screen.

Email photo attachment on iPhone screenshot

Email photo attachment on iPhone screenshot 2

Save Email Attachments on iPhone

Currently, the only type of email attachments that you can save to your iPhone are photos. To do this, you’ll need to open the email with the photo that you wish to save to your iPhone and download the attachment. Once you have the photo downloaded within the email, simply tap the photo. An option to “Save” or “Copy” the photo will pop up at the bottom of the screen. Press save and the photo is added to the photo library of your phone.

Photo attachment screenshot

Save Image from iPhone email