Where Can I Find HTC Touch Diamond Freeware

Where Can I Find HTC Touch Diamond Freeware
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Windows Mobile Apps - Plentiful and Free!

Although featuring the amazing user interface known as TouchFLO 3D, HTC Touch Diamond phones are in fact powered by the versatile Windows Mobile operating system. As a result, there is an immense amount of freeware apps and utilities available for the platform.

Installed either via a USB connection to your PC or on the phone itself, these apps can be found at a selection of massive online repositories, as well as on the Windows Mobile Marketplace.

The breadth and depth of the available apps is considerable, as is the inventiveness and commitment of amateur Windows Mobile developers whose work over the past few years has been contrary to the popular myth that the Windows Mobile platform is dying.

Best HTC Touch Diamond Freeware Resources

Despite the introduction of the Windows Mobile marketplace in 2009, the vast majority of free software available for the HTC Touch Diamond and other Windows phones can be found at a group of particularly comprehensive websites.

Some of these have been featured on Bright Hub before – places like XDA Developers and FreewarePocketPC – as resources for downloading some of the Windows Mobile applications reviewed here over the years.

So – a list of the best HTC Touch Diamond freeware resources:

www.freewarepocketpc.net - updated daily thanks to a user submission and approval system. Featuring games, utilities and api-based apps such as Facebook, Twitter and more, this is a common outlet for projects that began life at XDA-Developers.com.

www.1800pocketpc.com - This is another regularly updated site, however 1800PocketPC is more of a blog, offering thoughts and opinions on all things Windows Mobile and Windows Phone 7, with links and brief reviews on the latest freeware apps.

www.xda-developers.com – the home of most of the Windows Mobile freeware apps, XDA Developers is one of the biggest online communities. With over two and a half million members and boards dedicated to every single Windows Mobile device model, so many new apps are released on a daily basis. This is the best resource for finding apps as well as like-minded users who might be looking for similar software or be able to point in the right direction.

Top HTC Touch Diamond Freeware

At the sites above, you will probably be overwhelmed with the vast selection of apps - so here is a brief taster of HTC Touch Diamond freeware available:

moTweet and PockeTwit - two great freeware Twitter apps, offering all of the usual Retweet/Reply/Direct Messaging and profile information you would expect from a Twitter client. Both can be downloaded from FreewarePocketPC.net. I reviewed moTweet back in September 2009, and PockeTwit a few months before that.

Meanwhile, Windows Mobile also has an official Facebook app, available for download. This is probably The Best Facebook App for Windows Mobile.

CorePlayer is a very useful universal media player for Windows Mobile. Take a look at my review of it - although CorePlayer is a premium product, you could download the older but similar TCPMP for free.

Finally, if you want to watch TV on the go and you’re based in the UK, don’t miss myPlayer, a BBC iPlayer streaming app for Windows Mobile powered HTC phones. I was very impressed when I reviewed it.

Installing CABs

Once you’ve downloaded your Windows Mobile app, you will need to install it. The majority of apps fo this platform come in CAB format, files that can only be run on the mobile device itself. As such if you’re looking for apps on your PC, you will need to download these and transfer them to your Windows Mobile phone in order to begin installing.

Some apps however use the standard Windows installer, and require your Windows Mobile phone to be connected to your PC via USB.

Where possible, opt for the CAB files – they can be easily saved to your mobile phone’s storage and quickly reinstalled if you ever need to perform a factory reset.