A Look at Android on your Touch Pro2! How does it work?

A Look at Android on your Touch Pro2! How does it work?
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What is Android? What’s the Big Deal?

So, ready to dive into the hype of Android? Well, ready or not, it’s ready to take the world by storm!

Since 2007, the Open Handset Alliance (OHA), a firm of 65 companies headed by Google has been working on their pride and joy. Finally some competition in the smartphone market with Android OS. This operating system has since raised eyebrows as the open source handset solution that has the potential to do much more than Windows Mobile or iPhone

But what about us Windows Mobile users, for example the Touch Pro2 user, who has already been sucked in with the two year contract of doom?

Have no fear! Using a few simple pieces of software from our friends at PPCGeeks, we can turn that Touch Pro2 zero into an Android Hero!

Haret-what? How does this work on the Touch Pro2?

First things first. Thanks to the TP2 Android CDMA Development Community at PPCGeeks. And Thanks to Reefermattness for his build.

Project Android

Second, DO NOT use this guide if you are NOT a fan of beta builds OR if you don’t have an SD card with at least 1 GB of memory installed. It’s going to have bugs, it’s going to have risks, and it’s not for the faint of heart! If you are a die-hard phone modder/hacker, I DARE you to keep reading.

To get this working, we will be using the latest build of the TP2 Android Development Build. All of these builds are in beta and not official, so you’re on your own when you use them! You can always try to talk to someone on the forums for help, but nothing is guaranteed if there are any problems! Make sure you read all the documentation on the page. That way you know what does and doesn’t work when you test it out!

Here you can download the latest build and choose your flavor. For the purpose of this tutorial, we will be using the cab that includes the lovely HTC Sense for Android. So go ahead and download the .CAB file.

How Do You Do It?

Once you have the CAB file, move it to the root of your SD Card. Do this by plugging in your phone to the computer, or by plugging in the card and transferring the files.

IF YOU ARE CDMA (Sprint, Telus, Verizon, US Cellular) before you begin installation, you must do one other quick thing. Go to Start - Settings - Personal - Phone, and search for the ‘Network’ tab. When there, ensure you are set to “CDMA Only” and not “Global”. Otherwise data will not work!

Once in the root, go to your favorite file explorer and navigate to our storage card, then run the CAB, installing it to your storage card. Get a frosty beverage, this will take a while!

Android Installing

Once you have finished installing, you will go to your start menu and see a file named “Android Project” Click it to load the software.

Once loaded, you will have a prompt asking you for configuration. Make sure your device family is the rhodium tilt2 if you are a GSM (AT&T and T-Mobile) user, RHOD 400 if you are Sprint, and RHOD 500 if you are Verizon or Telus. The phone will vibrate, and Android will boot. I hope you brought a six pack for this one, the first boot will take a good while!

So what’s going on?

HaRET is a special bootloader that will shut down Windows Mobile, and then boot Android from your SD card on top of where Windows Mobile once was. It doesn’t touch anything on the WinMo end and everything is in this emulated boot-up. However, since it’s being emulated, it will not run as fast or powerful as the real thing, but it’s close as you can get on the current Windows Mobile phones! It will take a few minutes to boot, so be patient!

Now What?

Congratulations, you are now running Andoid on what was once your HTC Touch Pro2. A lot of features work, but not everything. Try new things, stay up to date on the latest builds that come out, and check the community for questions!


Remember that this is a beta and only works as long as developers are there to do it, so remember to thank them, and don’t bug them as it’s a beta, and nowhere near a finished product.

If you want to go back to Windows Mobile, simply soft reset your phone by pressing the soft reset button behind your battery cover and Windows Mobile will boot back up.

Feel free to post your comments, tell us what you did with that Windows Mobile clunker to turn it into an Android Winner!