Comprehensive Guide to Android Games: The Cream of the Crop

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Google’s Android platform has become the most popular smartphone operating system on the market. There is a wide range of different devices out there, but all of them are capable of satisfying your gaming craving whether you want a quick fix or something more involved. We take a look at all sorts of Android games here and divide them into various categories for your delectation.

Pick and choose what you like the look of, but be warned, some of these titles are dangerously addictive.

Great Game Round Ups

This first batch of articles is all about the best games on the market. We have round ups of the cream of the crop, both premium and free. There’s no particular slant in these first few guides, these are simply great games for everyone. So if you have an Android and you’ve yet to experience the joy of gaming on the platform then dive in and see what you can find.

The last round-up focuses on games for kids because they can be a great way to occupy your child when you’re out and about and many of them even offer an educational aspect.

Genre Round Ups from Driving to Space Invaders

These round ups are themed for specific interests. If you love nothing more than racing games, or you have a weakness for zombies, then you’ll find some of the best options here. We also cover games that are like Angry Birds for all those fans that have exhausted the series. You’ll also find some awesome tower defense games, strategy options and RPG adventures. You’ll be surprised at the depth some of these mobile games can offer now.

You’ll learn about the best multiplayer options for fun with friends and family, the games that take best advantage of your phone’s accelerometer and some terrific tycoon games that challenge you to build your own empire. We round things off with some tips for playing your Facebook faves on Android and then finally we blast into outer space with some Space Invaders style action. Learn all about the top titles that may have passed you by.

Games to Challenge Your Brain

Since not everyone is an action junkie and we can’t all be bothered with in-depth simulations we turn to a few cerebral options here with the classics. You’ll find some great options for Scrabble fans, Chess players, puzzle addicts and of course Sudoku and word games. If you like to immerse yourself and puzzle through problems then these games are for you.

These are all classic games made easy and portable on the Android platform. They are perfect for killing a few minutes wherever you happen to be. They’ll also offer you a lot more value for money than those bumper books you can buy because many of them are updated over time to offer you more content. You’ll have a never ending supply of puzzle and board game fun.

Cards and Gambling

For those of you who like the other kind of “gaming” these round-ups should fit the bill. We’ve got some top card games, a few bingo titles, some roulette, some blackjack and finally some poker. If you like to gamble then these options will help you to improve your chances of winning. They’re also great for dipping in and out of to fill a few spare minutes in your day.

That’s the end of our Android game guide. You’ll find lots more content covering games on the platform here at Bright Hub so take a look around and check back for fresh news on the latest and greatest releases. If you know of a game that you think should top the charts then post a comment and tell us about it.