The Greatest Free Apps for Android

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The growth of the Android platform is built upon a number of factors and one of them is the availability of apps through the Android Market. Not only does Android give you access to over 250,000 apps and games, most of them are completely free. The range of entertainment and functionality that you can enjoy on Android for absolutely nothing is astounding.

Now, having said all that, there’s no doubt that the majority of Android apps are not worth a look. That’s why we’re here to highlight the best, the cream of the crop, the free Android apps that are worth the space on your smartphone.

App Round-Ups

We’ll kick off our exploration of the available applications that won’t cost you a cent with a few round-ups. These are general collections of awesome apps that deserve a home on your phone. The majority of these apps are popular for a reason – because they’re great. You may also find a few that you’ve never heard of before and stumbling onto a new, useful app is all part of the fun.

App Round-Ups for Specific Phones

These round-ups of great free apps are for specific phones, but any Android device running the same version of the platform will be able to access the same apps. There are plenty of interesting options on offer, so check them out.

Funny or Strange?

These app round ups highlight some free fun choices in the Android Market. Whether you like a joke or prank, or you just want something completely different, you’ll find it here. You may have trouble believing that some of these apps actually exist, but they really do.

Useful Apps

That’s enough joking around, we’re getting serious with this batch of apps. These are all sensible and potentially very useful apps for various purposes from email to audio books to saving your battery life. Your Android smartphone really can help you with a wide variety of tasks and with the right apps you can increase your productivity.

Special Interest Apps

The Android Market is packed with apps that cater to very specific tastes and here is a small selection of free app round ups for special interests. Whether you are mad about NASCAR, you love to stare at the sky at night, or you want to run off to Hogwarts, we’ve got you covered.

More Apps Than You Can Shake a Stick At

The list of free Android apps just goes on and on. This is a mixed batch for your perusal. You’ll find some great wallpaper apps to help you customize your phone, along with some fun augmented reality apps that you simply have to try. There are also some great freebies that let you send greeting cards or take quizzes, and we finish off by asking how many apps do you really need?

Great Free Individual Apps

We’ll round things off with a few individual app reviews. These are all completely free applications available in the Android Market and they all have something noteworthy to offer. Whether you want a music solution, a messenger app, some great reading material, video streaming capability or the latest news from NASA you’ll find it here. There’s also an app for finding the best restaurants and a great app for some photo editing fun.

That’s the end of our guide to the greatest free Android apps. Got any additions you’d like to make? Post a comment and tell us.