An Android Smartphone is the Perfect Travel Companion

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Travel is stressful enough without having to remember maps, travel guides, dictionaries and all your print-outs for flight times and hotel bookings. Well, the good news is, you don’t have to, because your Android smartphone can cater for the vast majority of your travel needs. So, sit back, relax, and let Android ease your travel woes.

Maps and Navigation

The presence of GPS on many Android smartphones is a real boon for travelers. Your phone can now perform every bit as well as a SatNav when it comes to negotiating unfamiliar areas. The fact that apps like Google Maps are free, simply strengthens Android’s desirability. Learn how to navigate effectively and take full advantage of your phone’s capabilities. You can even use Latitude to share your exact location with friends and family. Since you can’t always get a data connection or GPS fix there are also apps that can download maps onto your phone for use later.

It’s About the Journey

Whether you are flying, driving or using public transport there are some Android apps worth checking out. Learn how to find and track flights on your phone, track your mileage and beat the traffic, hail a taxi with ease or even negotiate the subway system with the help of an Android app. The choice at your fingertips is astounding and these apps can really reduce some of the stress usually associated with travel.

Business or Pleasure

People travel for all kinds of reasons. Whatever the reason you’ll benefit from an Android app to help you find and book great hotels around the world. You’ll also enjoy being able to check out the weather forecasts for areas you are visiting. If you are on business then an app to track your expenses so you can claim them back when you get home is essential. And, of course, you’ll always find an early morning alarm call is a great way to start the day and ensure you don’t miss out on anything that you want to do or see.

Lost in Translation

There is no end to the things that your Android smartphone can help out with. Not only are there plenty of great travel guide apps to highlight the places that are worth visiting wherever you go, but you can also get help with the local lingo. Language translation apps have come a long way and they’ll serve you much better than a pocket dictionary would. Some language apps will even translate speech to text and vice versa. They’ll help you to prepare and pick up some of the language before you go and they’ll come in extremely handy in real life situations when you are actually there.

What’s Your Thrill?

People go on all sorts of different holidays but whatever your particular interest is you can probably find an app to support it. In this section we offer a few round ups of apps for popular holiday activities. So whether you want to visit Mickey and friends, go hiking in the wilderness or jump in a chair lift and swoosh down a mountain, there’s an app for you.

On the High Seas

Our final batch of articles deals with sailing. Many people enjoy traveling on the high seas and Android apps can prove to be incredibly useful for experienced and novice sailors. These options will mostly assist you in navigating where you want to go and they’ll give you the option of plotting and recording specific routes for future reference.

As you can see, whatever your mode of travel, you can benefit from some Android smartphone help. What’s your favorite Android travel app? What app do you never leave home without? Let us know in the comments.