Police Scanner BlackBerry Apps

Police Scanner BlackBerry Apps
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Listening to emergency radios is an easy way of staying informed on what is happening in your area, and is a quicker way of getting some general information than you otherwise would be able to if you waited to hear the TV newscast. Here are some of the better BlackBerry apps for listening to police scanners and those of other emergency services.

Wunder Radio

This app provides access to thousands of Internet radio stations across the globe including live police scanners. Once you install Wunder Radio

you will have access to thousands of stations in over 400 genres such as talk, sports, music, gospel and rock.

You can use the app to stay abreast of happenings across the globe or locally. Speaking of local stations, you will have the option of using the GPS to build a list of stations that are in your area without much effort on your part.

You can download and purchase this app for US$9.99 outright, or you can try the app for 10 days before purchasing. In any case you will need to enter a registration code to unlock the app.

Police Scanner from MobiAmp - Police : Fire : EMS

The MobiAmp Scanner Edition can be used to listen to EMS (both fire and police channels) from BlackBerry phones. In addition to

Police Scanner from MobiAmp - Police Fire EMS

listening to radio stations you will be able to listen to MP3 files both on the phone and on an SD card, or from a list of favorites that you have created. The app can also be used as an alarm that will play music at preset times. Like many Internet radio applications, MobiAmp is powered by SHOUTcast Radio. While SHOUTcast Radio is free the app cost US$6.99 to download and use.

Scanner Radio

This BlackBerry scanner radio application can be used to listen to more than 2,000 police and fire scanners and railroad

Scanner Radio -Blackberry app police scanner

communications stations. The app may not stream the emergency channels you are interested in, so you are best advised to try the 7-day trial version to see if the app offers what you want.

Those who purchase the BlackBerry app police scanner are asked to make a one-time payment of US$4.99. After the trial version has expired you will still be able to listen to the weather channels but listening to other emergency services is limited to 5-15 minute periods per session. Some popular channels that are covered by the Scanner Radio include:

  • Chicago Police
  • Los Angeles Police
  • Dallas Police and Fire
  • Denver Police and Fire
  • Philadelphia Police

You can find a download link for this app here.

A Parting Shot

While using these BlackBerry apps to listen to police scanners and those of other emergency services is good for staying in-touch with what is happening in your area, it is a good idea to check your local laws to ensure that there aren’t regulations that prohibit civilians from listening to certain emergency channels particularly those of the security forces.

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