How to Remove Unwanted Applications from a BlackBerry Device

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BlackBerry smartphones make a great substitute for PDA’s and even laptops in many cases. They come pre-loaded with some great programs, but also contain some useless applications as well. Not to mention those other applications you have cluttering your phone’s memory that you installed earlier on, but never use.

One of the toughest things to do, is figure out how to remove those applications and unwanted programs when you lack the extra knowledge to do so.

What most BlackBerry users don’t know, however, is that once you have learned the steps it is very simple to do; therefore this article is dedicated to helping you learn how to remove those unwanted apps. No further knowledge on the device is needed.

Removal Methods

There are a couple ways to approach the removal of unwanted applications on a BlackBerry device. One involves a few steps on the device; and the other involves using a computer and a program called BlackBerry Desktop Manager. In order to remove BlackBerry applications using your computer; a mini USB data cable is required to connect your device as well as the BlackBerry program mentioned earlier. If you do not wish to remove applications using a computer then please skip ahead to find out how to use the BlackBerry menu to delete apps.

BlackBerry Desktop Manager

The first obvious step to removing applications from your BlackBerry is to make sure you have the BlackBerry Desktop Manager installed on your computer. This program has many features and also allows you to completely customize your BlackBerry, so if you do not necessarily need it to remove or add any applications it is still great to have. The software can be downloaded directly from the BlackBerry website.

If you are running a computer under Windows XP or Vista then the USB drivers for your BlackBerry should already be installed. If you are running a computer under a different operating system then you will have to download the USB drivers for the device; also available at the link provided.

Once the software and the USB drivers are installed correctly it is time to plug the phone into the computer with the mini-USB data cable. The computer should automatically recognize the device, and a small pop-up should appear in your taskbar indicating this is so. As soon as the computer is finished recognizing the device it is ok to open up the BlackBerry Desktop manager.

Upon load-up of the program you will find yourself on the main menu of the manager. The functions are as follows.

Media Manager: Allows the managing of ringtones, videos and pictures on your device including the transfer and removal to and from.

Application Loader: This is what we will be using to uninstall programs from your BlackBerry. This program obviously handles the installation and uninstallation of BlackBerry applications.

Backup and Restore: This feature allows you to back up all your current data including contacts, calendar info, tasks, and memos.

Device Switch Wizard: This feature helps transfer data from another device to a BlackBerry, or from BlackBerry to BlackBerry in the event you get a new phone.

Synchronize: This feature allows you to transfer email messages and organizer data.

Synchronize Certificates: This feature allows you to transfer certificates and keys for any applications or programs you have purchased on your BlackBerry.

Adding, Removing, and Updating with the Application Loader

The distinct feature we will be using is the Application Loader. Once the feature has been selected you are provided with another menu giving you two more options.

Add/Remove Applications


Update Applications

Choose the Add/Remove option by hitting the START button directly below it.

A loading bar will show up and the program will attempt to collect all the installed applications on the device. Once finished you will be provided with a list of everything installed on your BlackBerry.

To remove an application simply uncheck the box next to the name of the program or application in the list and then click continue. The BlackBerry Desktop manager will then uninstall the application and soft reset your device to finish the process.

Uninstalling Directly from the Device

This method is also simple once the process is memorized. It involves removing applications from the BlackBerry by using the phone directly. The first step is obviously making sure the phone is powered on, do so now.

Once the main screen is loaded, navigation through the menus to the remove applications feature is as follows.

Menu (BlackBerry Menu Button) > Options (The Wrench Icon) > Advanced Options > Applications

A progress bar will appear as the phone loads the list of installed programs. Once it is done loading the list will appear on the screen. To remove an application simply scroll down to the application in the list, after making sure the desired app is highlighted hit the BlackBerry menu button. Another list in the bottom left will provide you with more options regarding the management of applications; simply scroll down to the delete option and select it. Select yes when prompted if you are sure you want to remove the app, and the application will then be uninstalled.

Keep in mind, however, that there are some core applications the BlackBerry device will not remove at all. Therefore the delete option will not even show up in the app management menu. If you’re looking for more apps to install, check out some of the top BlackBerry applications.