Best Free BB Apps For You

Best Free BB Apps For You
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Many users search for free BB apps every day looking for apps that integrate with their fast paced lives. Nowadays people are always on the go and no longer have the time to stop and find information, access the internet or even make a phone call. These apps allow users to communicate, access and manipulate information quickly. As a result, these free BB apps are the most popular apps because of their usefulness. While on the go, these apps make being connected very easy and without them life is just a little more challenging. There are many more free BB apps. This is just a few of the best and most efficient applications that are an absolute must have for BlackBerry users everywhere.

Flixster (4 out of 5)

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Flixster is one of the top movie apps for BlackBerry phones. It enables users to find over 50,000 box office movies, read their details and preview them from their phones. Users can preview each movie by watching the trailer and search them by title, actors or director. Movies are brought to the BlackBerry in HD quality and the reviews are taken from Rotten Tomatoes, one of the highest rated movie review sites on the internet. This free BB app has many useful features like the option to view information on upcoming movies using maps and show times. It also lists ticket information and theaters in the U.S, UK, Australia and Canada. It is absolutely free at this Download Link.

Bloomberg Mobile (4 out of 5)

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Bloomberg Mobile is the most trusted and popular financial news app available for free. It gives users the tools to analyze the financial market. This popular free BB app features news, stock quotes, market leaders and laggers, market trend analysis, podcasts and much more. BlackBerry users who are interested in the stock market need not constantly be at their PC or television screen but can now access their financial data from their BlackBerry. It can be downloaded at the BlackBerry App World.

Where (4 out of 5)

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People who are looking for a good place to have brunch, a local movie theatre or even the cheapest gas station need not be confused with the free BB app, Where. Where enables users to locate just about anything including, local restaurants, weather forecasts, gas stations, movies, news and even friends. Free BB apps cannot compare to the popularity and usability of this application. It connects people on the go with important information which saves time and money. Instead of visiting every local eatery, users can search for the closest one to them. It even has a chat feature and enables people to connect with others for a quick conversation. Additionally, it offers coupons and special offers to its users for restaurants and retailers nearby. People that are visiting need not feel like a tourist with Where. This useful app can be downloaded via this Download Link.

Orange Friendszone (5 out of 5)

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Orange Friendszone combines social networks into one app. Facebook, Twitter and MySpace can be accessed at one time using a BlackBerry phone and it allows users to chat and update their status all at once. It also features a search engine for events and movie premieres within the area. It is one of the most used free BB apps for social networking on the internet and can be Downloaded Here.

TiVo DVR Scheduler (4 out of 5)

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TiVo allows users to access their scheduler wirelessly so it can be programmed and their favorite TV shows can be recorded on the go. The interface is the classic TiVo look and it brings the same features to the BlackBerry. The search option can be tailored to find TV shows by title, actor or movie genre. With this app the BlackBerry turns into a remote control with its easy-to-navigate menu options and bright icons. Users can also add their favorite and upcoming shows to a calendar and have it notify them when nearing show time. Free BB apps similar to the TiVo DVR Scheduler are not as useful. It can be downloaded for free through this Download Link.

Shopper (4 out of 5)

Shopper Logo

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This free BB app is for shoppers everywhere. Shopper allows users to manage their grocery and shopping lists all from the comfort of their BlackBerry phones. This app is available for all BlackBerry versions and is very easy to navigate and use due to its very user friendly interface. The amount of lists that can be created is limitless. Users can browse various online shops and grocers for products that they are in need of and instantly update their list. Items can be checked off as they are bought, making this list the perfect replacement for pen and paper. Shopper also can be shared with other BlackBerry users in real time, great for when sending someone out on a shopping errand. Users will be able to see additions made to a list at any time. This feature is very useful for those who have ever returned home to realize one member of the family wanted something else. This free app is available at this Download Link.

Dictionary and Thesaurus (5 out of 5)

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This is the only free dictionary and thesaurus available for BlackBerry phones and as a result it is the most popular. This application has over 500,000 words waiting to be accessed. For those who just can’t find the right word, the thesaurus gives the best alternatives. The app features pronunciation and phonetic software and can also be utilized with other apps. Whenever a word is misspelt this app will find it and give appropriate suggestions. The app was created by popular word finder, one of the highest rated definition and thesaurus websites on the net today. This app is enjoyed by millions everywhere and can be found here at BlackBerry App World.