Tips for BlackBerry Newbies: A Guide to BB Lingo, Data Plans, and How to Get Information and Help for Your New BlackBerry

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Welcome Newbies!

Are you a Blackberry newbie? Well, let me be among the first to welcome you to the wonderful world of Crackberry - - um, I mean Blackberry. Oh, heck, there’s no use in pretending…yes, most of us are called Crackberry addicts, but there’s good reason as this device is so terribly and wonderfully addicting. Even as a newbie, certainly you’ve already realized the possibility, right?

A Little Blackberry Lingo Lesson

The following is a brief list of common terms and acronyms that you’ll run across from time in Blackberry discussions. Even as a newbie, you’ll want to become familiar with these right away:

BB = Blackberry

Berry = Blackberry

Crackberry = Blackberry

BES = Blackberry Enterprise Server (mostly used by corporate users)

BIS = Blackberry Internet Service (mostly used by personal users)

App = Application

DL = Download

DM = Desktop Manager

IM = Instant Message

SMS = Short Message Service (i.e. text message)

BBM = Blackberry Messenger

RIM = Research In Motion (the company that makes Blackberry)

Do You Have A Good Data Plan?

Next, let me offer you a little newbie advice. For unknown reasons, some people purchase Blackberry phones, but don’t add data plans to their service or, they’ll add data plans, but don’t opt for unlimited data. Big newbie mistake. See, a Blackberry’s best function is that it sends and receives email with ease. Without data, you’re missing the whole point. Not having data on your Blackberry, is like having a computer without an internet connection. Sure, your computer can create documents or allow you to play a few games, but compare these to what you can do with a computer that has a web connection and…well, there is no comparison.

While you definitely want to have a data plan for your Blackberry, you may also want to strongly consider an unlimited data plan. See, aside from being connected to several email accounts, you’re also going to want to access the web or use applications that rely on web access. I would imagine you could be thrifty and do so on a very limited basis with a limited plan, but living with those kinds of boundaries would also limit your entire Blackberry experience. After all, you probably purchased this device because of the great things you heard a Blackberry can do. Well, without data, you’ve got nothing more than a sleek looking PDA in your hands. And without unlimited data, it’s like buying a Porsche, but only driving it at 15 mph on side streets twice a week. Not a whole lot of fun, which is the half the point of buying the car in the first place, right? Trust me, newbie, a Blackberry with an unlimited data plan is truly the next best thing to carrying a laptop in your pocket. Really.

Blackberry Wisdom Is Everywhere!

Now that you’ve learned a few cool Blackberry terms and you’ve opted for a good data plan, you’ll next want to delve into reading all that you can from other Blackberry users. You can start by checking the latest how-to’s and guides for BlackBerry phones right here on Bright Hub. Also consider joining a few forums where you can ask questions and keep yourself updated on the latest Blackberry news. With so much at your fingertips, there’s no excuse for keeping your Blackberry knowledge at a newbie level for too long.

A Crackberry Conclusion

Overall, as a newbie Blackberry user, there is a lot to learn. With the right amount of study, in no time flat, you will not only be a seasoned user, but more than likely you will also join the ranks of the millions of other proud Crackberry addicts. Let’s hope no one invents a Crackberry rehab any time soon, because we’ll all be singing, “No, no, no!”