How to Increase Your Blackberry Storm Battery Life In 5 Easy Steps

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1. Delete Apps You Won’t Use

Deleting apps that you don’t use will help your device’s battery life by putting less strain on the unit’s computing power as it won’t have to sort through so many apps to find intended uses. Deleting apps is as simple as following the instructions below:

1. Click Options

2. Click Advanced Options

3. Click on Applications

4. Highlight the App you want to delete

5. Click Delete

The more apps you delete the less memory your BlackBerry will use and even if only marginally it can help your battery life.

2. Turn Off GPS

I personally don’t use GPS with my device unless I’m using specific programs such as Trimble Outdoors. Otherwise GPS is useless to me on mobile units, yet GPS is a constantly running piece of hardware and software that can put a real drain on battery life, to stop the BlackBerry Storm’s GPS program from running simply do the following:

1. Click on Options

2. Click Advanced Options

3. Click GPS Services

4. Change the option to E911

It’s really that simple and now your GPS won’t constantly be putting a drain on your battery. If you want to use it later don’t worry because turning it back on is just as simple.

3. Use the 1xev Option

Your device is automatically set to accept global connections, however the constant searching for networks can lead to more battery drain, I recommend turning on the 1xev option by doing the following:

1. Click Options

2. Click Mobile Network

3. Click Network Technology

4. Choose 1xev

Another simple step that will save your battery life while removing any SIM errors you may see.

4. Change Your Backlight Levels

While a super bright backlight on your BlackBerry Storm may bring out the most vibrant colors, it also drains away battery life extremely quickly. To change the backlight to a lower level simply follow the directions shown below:

1. Click Options

2. Click Keyboard/Screen

3. Click Backlight

4. Lower the Backlight even slightly from its current level (probably set at 90)

Backlit screens eat away very quickly at your battery, I actually prefer a slightly darker screen as I find it causes less strain on my eyes, give this option a try and see how well a darker screen works for you. If you don’t mind wasting the battery, you can also leave the backlight on until you no longer need it.

5. Turn Off Bluetooth

This is a tip I provide for How-To Guides on all mobile devices from BlackBerry units to Windows Mobile, to Google Android, by turning off your Bluetooth via the Options menu you’ll save a ton of battery life, especially if your Bluetooth is in discoverable mode. To give you an idea of the power drain provided by Bluetooth an iR port takes 1/3 the amount of power. Simply turn off Bluetooth if you’re not using it and watch your battery lifespan increase.


Those are the five easiest ways to increase your battery life, there are of course other options you can utilize, I suggest trying the tips I’ve provided in this article and if you still need more bang for your battery buck then you can try more extreme and cumbersome approaches.