Nimbuzz for BlackBerry Review: IM Application

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What Is Nimbuzz?

Nimbuzz is a free multi-community instant messenger for BlackBerry phones. Essentially, this means that, using your phone’s Internet connection, you can enjoy free international IM chat from your BlackBerry. The company was started in 2006 with an investment from Skype and, like its investor, has created quite a buzz since it’s original release.

Nimbuzz And Chatting

Even though it is completely free, adding the Nimbuzz application to your BlackBerry just may be a smart investment of time on your end. The application offers a wide array of chat options with anyone currently using Skype, AIM, Yahoo! Messenger, Google Talk, MSN or even MySpace and Facebook across different devices. That’s right, even if your friends aren’t on BlackBerry, it’s possible to chat with them as you would on any of the above, just by using Nimbuzz.

OTA Download Available For Select BlackBerry Devices

Though it is available for a lot of different BlackBerry models, it should be noted that Nimbuzz is not available for every single BlackBerry device. Before downloading the application, you definitely want to check out their website and verify that your particular BlackBerry is supported.

Once you’ve verified that your BlackBerry is among the many that are already supported on Nimbuzz, the OTA download is available at There is also a pretty extensive user forum if you’d like to ask questions of other users before or after downloading and, of course, Nimbuzz offers staff technical support directly on their website. And speaking of their website, you can also use Nimbuzz directly from the web on your PC at any time.

Compare Nimbuzz to Other Chat Applications

We’ve reported on several different IM applications here before and will continue to do so as more and more are released for the BlackBerry mobile platform. If you haven’t read our other articles on chat applications for BlackBerry, take a minute to check them out and compare them to Nimbuzz. As a BlackBerry user and a chat fanatic, there are plenty of options available and it is our pleasure to highlight them for you.