Best BlackBerry Apps to Keep Abreast of the News and Weather

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BlackBerry utility apps are those applications that help to optimize the usability of the device and/or help the user to perform daily activities in a more convenient fashion. Some apps perform a function while others are centered around providing information.

RSS applications are used to capture feeds that you have subscribed to, and often times you can “kill two birds with one stone” by subscribing to a feed that will provide you with both weather and news updates. However, it is understandable if you simply want an application that will constantly show the weather or broadcast the news, instead of waiting on an RSS update.

There are many articles on Bright Hub that cover some very special BlackBerry apps and now you can find them very easily with this guide to some of the best RSS apps, as well as some weather and news applications.

Feel free to bookmark this resource so that you can always have the apps at your fingertips because we all know that you won’t be installing all of them all at once. You can try using one app to get both the news and weather via an RSS feed, or you can opt to get an app for each purpose separately.

BlackBerry RSS Readers

RSS readers are wonderful tools that are used to access and read news, blogs, weather etc. from all over the web. With an RSS reader, you do not need to repeatedly visit a website to get an update. As long as the websites provide an RSS feed, you can subscribe to the feed then download the feed to your reader. Therefore, you will have constant updates of your news, weather and anything else you subscribe to as the website updates. This is a list of some the best RSS readers for BlackBerry.

Podcasts via RSS Feed

Podcasts are similar to RSS feeds, in that you can subscribe and get your regular updates. There are a few podcast applications for BlackBerry and each one has its own ups and downs. It is always good to get an app that will allow you to subscribe to your own feeds, and you can then use it to get news and weather updates from any of your favorite websites that offer a feed.

Browser for BlackBerry with RSS Capabilities

You may consider browsers only for their obvious purpose. But what if your mobile browser could do more than simply access the web? The browser within this article also allows you to receive RSS feeds from websites that you have visted.

Start with These 5 Top BlackBerry Weather Apps

Ever hear that saying: “It changes like the weather”? Well, even if you haven’t, you should know that the weather can change abruptly, but you stand a better chance of not getting caught in the rain, sleet or snow if you are able to check the weather reports for your area often. This is where the weather apps come in and here are five suitable options to choose from.

Free Weather Apps for Your BlackBerry

You are in need of a BlackBerry weather app, but you would rather get it for free. Here is a list of five free weather apps. You may notice one or two from the article above, but while those are guaranteed to be good, these are guaranteed to be free – not to say that they aren’t also good.

Planning to Travel? Get BlackBerry Weather Updates, Book Hotels and More

This BlackBerry application will allow you to check your local weather as well as the weather for those places that you intend to travel to. This is a travel application, so in addition to providing you with weather updates, you will also be able to book hotels, rent a car, search for flights and more.

Best BlackBerry Aviation Apps: Weather Forecasts, Airport Directions, and More

The need to check the weather does not only apply to daily local movements, but also to local travel plans and trips across seas. These BlackBerry apps are not just weather apps, but a full on aviation directory. They can be used by most individuals, as well as pilots, to get a head start on weather forecasts, satellite imagery and even airport directions and distances.

BlackBerry Apps to Improve Your Outdoor Experience

Aside from monitoring the weather, there are other apps that will help you to better enjoy those moments outdoors. This list of BlackBerry applications not only covers the weather aspect, but also provides additional apps that may appeal to your adventurous nature, depending on the activities that you would normally engage in outdoors. So now you will have apps to help you with your adventures and you will also know if the weather is right for your planned activities.

World News via BlackBerry

Wouldn’t it be great to have a BlackBerry news app that provides you with world news information while you are on the go? Well the good news is that there is such an app; it is called the Yippidu WorldNews App. Its name may not seem conducive to informative news updates but you can find out more about what it has to offer via the link above and then make your own decision.

Get News Straight from the Source

Sometimes when news is picked up by radio and TV channels, as well as blogs and other mediums, it has been censored and broken down. What if you could hear what is happening right from the police and fire broadcasting scanners? This list will provide you with a few scanner apps that you can use to listen to emergency frequencies on your BlackBerry.

News and More on the Radio via BlackBerry

Ham Radio apps are very popular for the iPhone, but there are actually a few that were developed for use with a BlackBerry. Most of these apps will allow you to listen in on police, weather and fire broadcasts right from your BlackBerry. Therefore you will constantly be getting updates about various bits of news and the current weather status. Review this list to find the radio app that is compatible with your BlackBerry model and can provide you with the necessary broadcasts that you need.

Listen to News, Weather and Sports with BlackBerry Sirius Radio

Sirius is a Satellite Radio app that allows you to listen to its many radio stations from almost anywhere. The brodcast is done via satellite so being out of range is not a likely issue. The Sirius app has stretched across to the BlackBerry platform with more than 180 channels, so you can now have weather, news and sports at your fingertips. Find out how the Sirius BlackBerry app works and get details about what it has to offer you.

Sports News on Your BlackBerry

Some people are under the impression that the word “news” only relates to politics and economics, but sports and weather updates are also news and that is sometimes overlooked in the development of news apps. Not to worry, however, because there are apps that are made specifically for sports news and this list will cater for the football fanatics by covering some of the best pro football apps.

ESPN News Updates on BlackBerry

Instead of constantly logging on to the ESPN mobile website to see scores and game schedules, why not download the ESPN BlackBerry app and access the same information in far less time? Learn more about the app, how it works and if it is the right app to help you keep abreast of your favorite sports news.

BlackBerry RSS, Weather and News Apps Plus More

This is a guide to 20 of the best apps for your BlackBerry. The list includes apps for RSS, news, weather and a host of other useful applications. You may have to scroll through to find the ones that you are looking for, but you will also find other apps that you may not have initially thought of.

Do you have a favorite RSS app? Do you know of an awesome news or weather app? Let us know in the comments.