Guide to Microsoft SQL Server Names for BlackBerry

Guide to Microsoft SQL Server Names for BlackBerry
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BlackBerry Enterprise Server

In order to have a database operation running on your BlackBerry, there must be a connection to the BlackBerry SQL server name. That is done by connecting to the BlackBerry Enterprise Server. The software server architecture consists of various components that will perform several actions. It will permit users to access the organization’s tools and data from BlackBerry devices and run applications on devices. It will monitor other BlackBerry Enterprise Server components and it will process, route, compress, and encrypt data communication with the wireless network.

Remote BlackBerry Collaboration Service

Now to have the remote BlackBerry connect with the Enterprise server and run the SQL database you need to install the BlackBerry Collaboration Service. You can install the Collaboration Service on a remote computer to support multiple BlackBerry Enterprise Server instances; it does not have to be on the Enterprise Server computer.

But it is important to understand that you can only install one type of BlackBerry Collaboration Service (for example, IBM® Lotus® Sametime®, Microsoft SQL Server). This comes from the fact that users can use only one type of collaboration client on their BlackBerry devices.



Remote BlackBerry MDS Connection Service

There is another program that must be installed to make the SQL connection work. You need to install the BlackBerry MDS Connection Service. Moreover, you have to install it on a computer that is separate from the computer that hosts the Enterprise Server. Hosting the BlackBerry MDS Connection Service will frequently increase system resources as it processes requests for content. So leave well enough alone, do not put it on the same server as the Enterprise Server. In that regard, install the BlackBerry MDS Connection Service on a remote computer to minimize the impact on the delivery of messages and data, which would be the SQL database operation.


SQL Express Edition

So having laid out the conditions for the SQL data operation as it connects to the Enterprise Server, what Microsoft product is available to perform the database operation? For that the BlackBerry must use the Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express Edition, however, it does not support the SQL Server Agent service. Therefore, maintenance jobs created by the BlackBerry Configuration Database installer are not executed automatically. This could affect the state of the BlackBerry Configuration Database.

For information see: Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Express Edition

Find the SQL Server Name

In order to find the SQL server name that is used with the BlackBerry, you can use a simple select statement.There are two ways to find the name.

–When both the Windows server and instance information associated with a specified instance of SQL Server are the same use the following code. Under the new query tab type



—If you are working on a stand-alone instance of SQL Server, use the following SQL statement because this value remains constant and returns the same value as the MachineName property.

“Select SERVERPROPERTY(‘ComputerNamePhysicalNetBIOS’) asPhysicalName


For more examples of SQL code see: SQL Select Statement: Syntax & Examples

SQL Server Batch Code

The problem of the failure of the automatic execution of the SQLServerAgent service can be solved by using a batch file. In it, the batch file will use the Task Scheduler of Windows to execute maintenance jobs. The following is an example of the commands used in the batch file:

call osql -E -d BESMgmt -Q “exec RemoveDeletedUsers 30”

call osql -E -d BESMgmt -Q “exec RemoveOldHistoryRows 60”

call osql -E -d BESMgmt -Q “exec RemoveOldWorkQueue 15”

See references below:

And see Your Guide to Microsoft SQL Server for more information about SQL.


BlackBerry mobile devices have the capacity to use Microsoft SQL Server database programs. But in order to use them there must be a BlackBerry Enterprise Server in place, a connection server program, and a collaboration server program that is operational to be able to use the BlackBerry Connection to an SQL operation.

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