Round-Up of Some of Blackberry's Most Fun Applications and Features

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Surf The Web

Hopefully, you’ve read our previous conversations on this and have opted for an unlimited data plan. If you have and you’re bored, then surf away! There are a million (or more) things that you can do on the web using either your Blackberry browser or the Opera browser if you have installed the latter. While we won’t spend time giving you sites to look at, we will drop a hint that your “bored” time is a great time to do a Google search on Blackberry to learn more about your device and even to meet other users through forums and blogs dedicated to all things Blackberry.

Read eBooks

If you haven’t taken the time to read our review here on the Wattpad application, please do. What you will find is that, when you’re bored, you can read eBooks for free right from your Blackberry.

Aside from Wattpad, MobiPocket also has a pretty good reader (called MobiReader) and a pretty huge library of eBooks for sale. Whether you go with Wattpad, MobiReader or both, great literary material awaits you and what better time than when you’re bored to catch up on a little reading?


Not just for when you’re bored, but anytime’s a good time for eTrade. Check your stocks with real-time quotes, buy new ones, sell old ones. Whatever your preference, eTrade has an application specifically for Blackberry users that will connect you with their trading options with the click of an icon.

Blackberry User Forums and Blogs

It was mentioned earlier in this article, but is worthy of its own space. A wealth of information is shared between Blackberry users on sites which give you fast answers whenever you have questions or that allow you to share your expertise with others who need a little Berry support. When you’re bored, there’s no better time to shoot the breeze with other users and learn a thing or two about everything your device can do.

Got Memory?

When was the last time you checked your memory? No, not your brain memory, but your device memory. Did you know that deleting unnecessary email attachments and unused applications can create more space on your device for the things that you really love and use? Sometimes we get busy and don’t get around to cleaning our memory like we should. Then, before you know it, we’re losing messages as a memory leak is created from lack of available space. Why not take a moment while you’re bored and clean up your device so this never happens to you? While you’re at it, clean your browser’s cache too! (NOTE: Remember to always back up first.)

Read The News

With applications like Viigo and Pocket Express, you can keep up to date on entertainment, sports, financial, political, U.S. and world headlines as they happen. There’s no excuse for a Blackberry user not to be in the know with these fine applications.

Watch T.V.

Many carriers offer their customers the option of viewing specialized mobile channels. For instance, Sprint offers SprintTV and I regularly watch news programs or missed television shows on my Blackberry whenever I’m bored. Verizon also offers a similar service called V-Cast. So, what does your carrier offer? If you’ve already got a similar application on your Berry, tune in and see what’s up. If you don’t have it, call your carrier and see what’s available for you. (NOTE: Sometimes these services are available at an additional cost. Be familiar with this before using.)

YouTube Anyone?

If you’re bored, but using an O.S. of 4.3 or higher, why not navigate over to YouTube and relax a bit as you laugh at a video or sing along with your favorite song? It’s all at your fingertips with YouTube on Blackberry.

Final Word

While there are many, many more things you can do on your Blackberry, we hope you now realize that there’s never a reason to be bored as long as you’ve got a Blackberry on hand.