10 Web Design Tips that Impact Effective Internet Marketing, Part 1

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10 Website Design Decisions Impacting Internet Marketing Success

Internet marketing occurs using many avenues including pay-per-click services, social networking outlets like Facebook and Twitter, email marketing and standard online media advertising placements. The success of each of these internet marketing options, however, often hinges on how the corresponding website is designed. There are many factors in the website development process that can enhance the effectiveness of internet marketing. Consider these 10 web design tips for designing websites to increase the marketing success of online advertising efforts.

1. Linking Structure

Create an intuitive and easy-to-understand linking structure in your main site to make it easy to navigate for visitors filtered from internet marketing outlets. Use industry and web standard terminology, place links in easy-to-find menu areas, and keep links in the same location on every page.

2. Text Treatment

Website visitors entering your site from various online marketing venues may not be prepared to actually read your content. Provide introductory text, bullet points and lots of cross-linking to appeal to those who are interested in an initial overview. By creating levels of information from general to specific, you can encourage further clicking through the site as well as appeal to visitors with varying states of interest.

3. Programming Choices

Choose methods of website programming and web authoring languages that can be used readily by a broad section of internet users. Programming types that require the installation of plugins for optimum viewing can be a turn-off for even experienced online users. In addition, because updated, relevant content can make or break your marketing efforts, determine if there are parts of your website content programming that are best accomplished through data-base generation or other content management systems.

4. Contact information

Don’t forget the traditional ways of contacting the website owner. Despite the prolific use of the internet in consumer communications, many still prefer to speak to an actual person before making a decision about products or services. Complement your internet marketing efforts by prominently displaying phone numbers, email addresses and physical addresses to facilitate multiple means of contact.

5. Take-away Content

Even though a visitor opted to click to your site from an internet marketing outlet, don’t count on them being able to find it again. Provide your internet audience with a way to retain your website’s information with the click of a button. Many sites offer portions of content available as pdf downloads or RSS feeds. Also, consider including an automated “bookmarking” button on the site to make it easy to add your site to a visitor’s favorites list.

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