Learn How to Come Up with Interesting Blog Topics

Learn How to Come Up with Interesting Blog Topics
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Tips on How to Get Ideas to Blog About

Here are some tips on coming up with interesting blog topics:

Go to www.q94radio.com and listen to the “Five things you need to know” or search for the “Five things you need to know” on a search engine and find out what the top stories of the day are.

Blog Talk Radio is also a good resource to gain new topics. You can sign up for a free account or sign up for a premium account, which offers more features.

Brainstorm ideas on a sheet of paper or on your computer. Write down one topic and branch out from it. Give yourself a minute to relax and concentrate on coming up with ideas.

Pull from your everyday life and experiences. Have you had an experience or been through something other people could relate to? Write about something significant in your life that other people may be able to relate to. Were you adopted? Did your parents divorce? Have you lost someone in your life? Think about something personal and it will be easy to write about what you went through and how it affected you.

Write about something current in the news or world that you’ve heard about on the radio, TV or internet.

Write about the next upcoming holiday. You could even write about a strange holiday or funny day that is observed, like “Talk like a pirate day”, or “National Joe Day.” National Joe Day is on March 27th and is for those who want to change their name and be the “average Joe” for a day.

Keep a journal of ideas for interesting blog topics. This way when you feel creative, you can write your ideas down to write about later when you are lacking inspiration.

If your blog focuses on one specific topic, do an internet search on that topic on Google, Yahoo! or another search engine and see if you can find interesting blog topics you haven’t blogged about yet.

If you have a loyal following of readers, ask your readers what they would like to hear or know more about.

Check out www.problogger.net for many helpful tips including ways to get inspiration for blog posts.

Review something, whether it is a book, a restaurant or a product. It could be something you own or a service you use. No matter what you choose, give a thorough review of the product/service. Many people want to read reviews of products and services before they purchase them.

Come up with a top 10 list of some sort. You could make this fun or serious. You could do a posting on the top 10 fun websites to visit or the top 10 reasons to go to church. You are only limited by your own imagination.

Write a Dummy’s Guide to… on something. Do you know how to do something, whether you think it is simple or more complicated, write a how to on something that you know about.

Use a searchspy, like Dogpile’s searchpy, Google Trends or Yahoo! Buzz and see what people are searching for to read about. Then perform keyword analysis, using the Google keyword search tool to see if your idea has an audience. If the keyword has an audience, write it down on a new list and continue researching the keywords on your original.

You could also go to Yahoo! Answers or Factoidz.com and see what kind of questions people are asking on the internet. What do people want to know or learn more about? Find a question you like, research it and answer it.

If you like pop culture, write about what your favorite actor/actress is currently doing.

Write about a movie/television show/song that has special meaning to you and why.

Answer the question: What would you do if you ruled the world?

Write a rant about what bothers you the most. Feel free to let go of inhibitions and pour your heart out. What is your pet peeve? What really makes you upset/angry and why?

Write a humorous story or find a funny picture and talk about how hilarious it is.

If you still cannot come up with anything to write about after all these ideas, write about the last dream you had or the last thought that crossed your mind.

There are so many things to write about and oftentimes we block out many things. Even though we may have very good ideas, sometimes we dismiss them or just feel stuck in our writing. The next time you feel stuck think back to these tips and hopefully you will be able to come up with something to blog about.