How Using LinkedIn to Post Jobs Benefits Your Business

How Using LinkedIn to Post Jobs Benefits Your Business
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Job Seekers Use LinkedIn Too!

Job searching has gotten not only easier, but allows for a wider variety of posts to be viewed by potential employees, while companies and businesses can view potential employees by looking at their resumes. The social network site of LinkedIn is the business professional’s place to get connected to other professionals and other businesses; there is also the ability for job seekers to search for jobs on the website.

WIth job seekers looking, companies and businesses on LinkedIn can post jobs when they openings at their companies, allowing for members to see that positions are open within their field or employment field. Here, learn how using LinkedIn to post jobs narrow down certain employees, as well as a brief tutorial on how to go about posting jobs on the site.

Using LinkedIn to Post Jobs

While there are of course other job boards out there on the Internet, using LinkedIn to post jobs has a bit a slight edge over the

competitors. Members of LinkedIn are able to post their resumes, other social networks that they belong to, their personal or professional blogs, websites, and portfolios. This allows for companies to choose the best, brightest, and compatible potential employees from the profile website, as well as connecting with other companies and their employees. Companies can also contact potentail employees, not to mention the added benefits of being able to have them forward any openings to their other contacts or to have the opening posted on Twitter (companies can do this as well)

Using LinkedIn for job posting is quite easy. If you already have a profile on the site, log in to it and then go to the jobs link at the top bar. If you or your company doesn’t have a LinkedIn profile, signing up for the site is free. While sign up is free, posting a job on the site is not, costing $195 for 30 days or you can chose one of the packs consisting of multiple jobs.

How to Post Jobs

  1. First sign in to your LinkedIn account or create a free one. There is also an option to upgrade to a premium account.
  2. One your homepage, navigate to the JOBS link at the top of the page. This will produce a drop down list, with those related to companies near the end. Choose POST JOBS.
  3. Under the post jobs page, you can view the overview which tells more about how LinkedIn works to get your job postings out to those interested. The next tab is that of POST JOBS; if you already have one or more job listings, you can manage them under the MANAGE JOBS tab, as well as seeing where you are in terms of JOB CREDITS.
  4. On the post jobs page, enter the job title and location (your company name should already be filled in based on your profile, however you can change the name), and the job entitles. You can also list what the ideal candidate will have in terms of experience or skills and you can also add a description of your company.
  5. On the right hand side, you can chose if you want your company’s profile to show up, allowing for your contacts to view your posting.
  6. At the bottom, you can chose whether or not potential candidates will respond to you through LinkedIn or if you want them to apply on your company’s website.
  7. Choose continue to go to the next steps. One of the new features from LinkedIn is the ability for companies to now see how a potential employee ranks with the experience and skills your company is looking for.

Your company or business profile will be the starting point for all inquiries, so it’s important that you put as much time and effort in making a complete and outstanding profile page. Using LinkedIn to post jobs allows for your company to pick and choose professionals from over 90 million registered users from over 200 countries, where you can view their experience, skills, resumes, and portfolios to help narrow down that perfect choice.


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