Getting the Most out of Pipl People Search

Getting the Most out of Pipl People Search
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Pipl is described as “the most comprehensive people search on the web”. By using the name/email or phone number as the primary search key field and city, state and country as the second, you can quickly find relevant records on the Internet. This article discusses getting the most out of Pipl people search.

I was very relieved that the five pages that were dug out on the basis of my information did not relate to me. I also noticed that although I did a search outside of the US, the results were US-based profiles, not entirely accurate.

The phone number search is only open to US phone numbers. I was even more surprised to find that my email returned zero data.

I am pretty careful in using data on the Internet; there always seems to be a loophole. I decided that my stringent view and attitude to data could be preventing this search tool from working properly, so I proceeded to search less paranoid friend’s data.

Pipl people search also provides a business search. I did a search for local companies and got back interesting results aside from the business location. It had similar pages for the same company having contributed to a local marathon.

Comparing the business search to the people search, I would think that the business search is more accurate and relevant and gives a better result.

The Deep Web

The Deep Web is based on the principle that most search engines will not search online databases for people records. The deep web is also referred to the invisible web or Deepnet.

How Useful is Pipl?

Having compared a general Google search to a Pipl search, it does not offer much more of advantage. Google will be more useful for a local search in that it will throw up local data at the top of the search list based on your location of search which is generally useful.

Wikipedia explains how defining what is surface web as opposed to what is deep web is not easy. A resource that is indexed by a search engine does not automatically become surface data as another method could have been used to find the data. By this rationale it is not easy to see the selling point of a deep web-based search. The tests I checked out earlier did not provide impress me enough. In the event of future people searches I would continue to use the Google source and as a secondary attempt, Pipl.

Pipl describes itself as the most comprehensive people search on the web. I think it is still in early days and the fact that part of the search is limited to US only will already take the description down a peg or two.